Wednesday Winner: Batman Damned #1

It is nice to walk into your local comic shop and pick up your books on Wednesday. It is even nice that by the end of the week you can flip one to pay for your week’s pick ups. Batman Damned #1 is one of those books.
Once news got out that Bruce Wayne gets fapped people went wild for it. Batman Damned #1 is already selling for well above cover and has moved even higher.
Competed listings are closing in the $25-$29 range for individual issues and with sets selling for $50-60. Sets were closing mid day for around $30 and individuals were selling for about half that, so prices have gone up today. Advance Preview copies are selling for upwards of $100.
Now this is not the first time this has happened. In Spiderman reign #1, Peter’s um… Peter made an appearance in a panel and resulted in the book being recalled. The price shot up on that one as well.

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  1. I thought when you all were going gaga for Shirtless Bear Fighter Dong variants it was a fluke, but now apparently your hobby has changed to collecting d*** pics.

    1. That was Poyo to be fair… Lol. I never have heard so many comic book guys going nuts (tee hee hee) for bat-schlong. It was all the talk in shops today. But, flip it if you have it. Lee Bermejo is at Baltimore Comic Con next weekend, so I will have signed graded copies.

  2. Oh well… whatever takes your fancy… I think this will flop
    Be worth nothing in long run, but make money where you can, but I’m not holding one

  3. I got a copy of the Jim Lee variant. It has these little scuff marks on the cover that are unnoticeable unless you hold the cover at an angle under a light. Otherwise it’s perfect. All of the copies at my LCBS were like this. I’ve seen these type of light scuffs on graphic novel covers before. Do you guys think these light scuffs will take down the grade/value of the comic?

    1. I had the same issue with one of my copies. Didn’t see it until I got home and put it under the light at an angle. It may be fairly common. I’m not sure how to grade the copy I have. I may just sell it and let the buyer decide it’s value. Most likely still get $30-40 for it. It is the 1st appearance of Batman’s penis.

      1. Yeah I’m going to hold onto my copy cause I collect Batman. I might try to find a store in my area that has one at cover price with no scuffs and then sell the one I have now.

  4. I read this comic last night, and thought it was a really good story with great art. I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the nudity. It is for mature readers. I’m guessing the next Batman movie that comes out will have full frontal nudity. I’m looking forward to reading issue #2, but will sell my extra’s ASAP.

    1. I didn’t notice that there were four instances. Someone pointed three out to me. I had no idea. I thought it was one. But then again i wasn’t looking for it and enjoyed the story.

      1. Nah, we need more male nudity in movies and books, all the ladies have been deprived by Hollywood with mostly nude women. It’s time we men penetrate the stereotypes out there and be more proud of what we got, show it off a little more.. 😛

  5. first off I am calling gimmick infrigment. as the strip club and porno guy of this site I say get your own gimmicks and nitches . because this dam computer . this is not the first apperances of spiderman or batmans c&&k. this anit batman and this anit spiderman the dvd is the first apperance yes it was a movie and it showed batmans c&&k. i am staying out of this chat and i belive this is a short term spec. flip it now. spiderman regin setteled around the $20-40 range so i belive this might do the same however if this series stays this good i could be wrong and poyo must dress up in a chicken costume for nycc loveyou all blind adam out is

    1. That was my initial reaction too, but after viewing a few more times, I came to think that if this movie is meant to be more grounded in reality than others (and I have no idea if it is) it’s actually pretty good.
      If the joker were a real person, he’d be a grizzled guy in makeup. This is how I would image the joker would look like if he existed in our world. Of course in our world, they’d nab him on tax evasion charges or #metoo or something.

    2. Ive read a theory that this is not the ‘Joker’ make up, as we know the character, but rather it is the clown makeup he wears on stage as a comedian, before his fateful run in with whatever makes him the ‘Joker’. There is no chance in hell that that is the Joker. It looks eerily familiar to the mask that Ledger wore in the opening bank robbery scene in ‘Dark Knight’. And that was an homage to an earlier jojer concept from the ‘66 show (i think).

  6. If you are thinking of flipping I suggest you do it sooner rather than later. The comic was still availbale for reorder until this morning. I know two local comic shops that reordered 7 to 10 more copies each. As of this morning however it was no longer available at diamond.
    So more copies will be coming.

    1. I want to say it was showing as sold out at diamond around noon for the Jim lee cover and about 2 Pm east coast on Monday. I think this still has some growth potential.

    1. So last week I passed on Rags…This week I pass on Damned. Both I had in my hands, considering it….and put it back.
      FMH, Batman….

      1. I did preorder one copy from a retailer I get new comics from online routinely….they usually send me a shipping notice on Wednesday….here it is end of Friday and nothing. A little concerned….no response to my email inquiry sent this morning.

  7. Midtown Comics was limiting 1 per customer (either cover) yesterday & this afternoon they marked up both issues to $20 each (in-store).

  8. Glanced at them on the shelf yesterday and thought hmmm….they won’t fit in my comic boxes, so pass. Get home, news breaks, lcs sold out 🙁 I did order a bunch through but today they sent out an email saying that they oversold and are unlikely to fill all orders, especially considering some customers ordered hundreds (lol). I ordered 3 of each cover, but I’d be happy if I get even one set.

      1. Did you ever get your refund? I have two separate orders that I placed on Thursday so I’m hoping at least a few copies end up trickling through to me… not sure if instocktrades is working on this over the weekend but as of now, my order hasn’t processed.

  9. Maybe its my tinfoil hat tendencies, but this all smells contrived to me.
    Its a pretty smart way to create an artificial event around the launch of your new label, to try and recapture the vertigo big boom of the 80s.
    So you have Lee draw some Bat-pole, react to the media reaction saying successive prints wont have it creating a run on the book that was never in any danger of selling out (at least IMO).
    A theory that would be more substantiated if the digital release was already precensored by DC and not comixology… but even then Im sure DC knew Comixology was censoring it.
    Whutever tho; making me some money.

    1. You know what I have been selling based off Batman Damned? I am getting $5.99 a copy plus shipping on the Batman Day Batman White Knight book. Sure. They are available for 99 cents by other selllers. But I have mentioned it previews Batman Damned in the eBay listing (it does) and I have been moving copies easily.

      1. Crazy. Were they moving like that prior to all censorship talk?
        I hope it works, and this black label is a big hit because I need to see what Two Face’s penis looks like.

        1. Nah. I just threw them up Thursday night when I found them in a stack of comics that needed to be sorted. You can still find them out there in piles at Barnes and Noble and some comic shops.

  10. For all of the listing on ebay they are not lasting long. Yesterday there were over three hundred listed and today it is around 230 and most shop I have been to don’t have any at all, so it will be interesting to see if these dry up what the prices will go to.

  11. I think the dick speculation is short term. However, I think the first DC Black Label speculation with an adult oriented Batman story (that looks pretty good so far) could hold long term value. I bought it for reason #2.

    1. I agree. I think long term this could be a good hold because of the first in a new imprint and first “mature themed” Batman. We have had mature themed Batman before but no penis pics

      1. Yep. Adult themed Batman is pretty popular. One issue with this book is the size. People aren’t too keen on over-sized books nowadays.

    2. Batman the Damned #1 had a print-run of around 100,000 ..
      Marvel Knights was supposed to be a Mature imprint .. Spider-Man Reign 1 had a Nude Spider-Man .. that book is an easy find at under $10 .. once the hype goes away, so will the inflated prices ..

      1. I like this book for cover A, it matches my coffee table book of Joker by Azzarello. Bad things about it 1. size (so stupid DC), might as well call it a trade or magazine, 2. Black Label launch title is selling for a penis I fear it’s just the beginning of seeing every DC character naked. I wouldn’t want my new book label to be known for drawing penis. The smart thing about it is DC can draw many penis, vaginas, 2 girls and 1 cup, Disney Owned Marvel can’t compete at that level of maturity rating. Image doesn’t have many characters people would want to see naked so no competition there either. I say we petition to have the pulled Batgirl Joker cover put on one of these Damned books.

  12. An auction just ended for a copy of the Bermejo cover for $162. I guess the BIN auctions for the same issue but a hundred dollars cheaper just weren’t as appealing.

  13. Every shop I went to today was out. I was sure I added this to my pullbox at my main shop but I guess I forgot. No way I’m paying these prices. I’ve got a couple more tricks up my sleeve to get one, we’ll see.

  14. Whats the quickest, highest rising, decent print run, non-variant book people can remember? Because I can’t think of anything quite like this.

      1. This is what really pisses me off about this the most…dishonest sellers. Might as well be looters. I had a couple batgirl 23s and immediately sold one for $15…it was up to $40 by the end of the day…I still sent it out knowing the buyer would be very happy with their steal of a deal…in a way I felt we both won.
        Here’s the most excitement we’ve had all summer about a comic, maybe in the last year…and sellers who can only think of themselves and their bottom line screw those who were smart enough to get in early before the explosion…bah!

        1. I honor thy sold price when I sell. I’m not religious but I hope theres a special place in hell for those greedy sellers that rip buyers off who already paid for an item thats hot and still going up in value.

      2. A friend of mine bought two when we went out of Friday and sold both for $39 bucks or so. (Maybe 29) so if they were in Maryland i can assure he will send them. lol

      3. I paid less than cover as I ordered it prior to FOC. It would be unfortunate if they cancel because I’ve got 5 outstanding future orders with this online comic shop and would have to request those orders be terminated out of principle. They’ve been really good to me and the only place I trust to send me 9.6 or better new releases (99% success rate). It’s be heartbreaking on multiple levels to have to turn my back on them. So fingers crossed. They’re at the Tampa megacon so I’m hoping that’s what’s causing the delay and lack of communication.
        But if they don’t come through I will call them out on it.

    1. They will be first prints if it was a later printing they would say it in the title. The DF signed books always take awhile to get, the books are already put away waiting to be signed whenever the signing is scheduled.

  15. Sets are were it is at. Thursday they were at $40 and today they are at $150. Also looks like the Jim Lee cover might have a bigger print run.

  16. I sold a set on thursday about midnight for $40, and today they are $140 plus. I only sold because I had placed an order with instock trades. Hope the buyer is happy he doesn’t get scammed like alot of people are going to be.

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