X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer Debuts

X- Men Dark Phoenix will be in theaters February 14, 2019. The first trailer debuted a few hours ago. Here it is. Let us know what you think in the comments.

16 thoughts on “X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer Debuts”

  1. Meh. And I mean no offense but I’m bored with the x-men just like in the comics to me they are a labor.
    I appreciate the x-men there is a special place in my heart for them I grew up loving them and talking and acting out with my friends how awesome a x-men movie would be, but I feel we’ve seen this story on screen already and there should be plenty of more material out there.
    So far the most fun I’ve had with the x-men was the cameo role in Deadpool 2. Maybe you add deadpool to a movie or two it may lighten the “dc films mood,” that x-men have. I understand the x-men are a little more serious and personal than the avengers and that’s cool but come let’s add some more humor, fresh character pa and newer stories.
    Just one mans opinion so it can’t be wrong. One thing I can say is I’m super happy that all of these movies are being made good or bad they are capturing my childhood and bringing back something special in my life. Mikey.

  2. So Selene who I’ve written up before is in this 1st appearance New Mutants #9 also Red Lotus is in it 1st appearance Xtreme Xmen vol1 #5.

    1. Weird use of Selene being on Magentos team since she should be one of the oldest and most powerful Mutants in the Marvel universe.

      1. The other Black Queen that’s not Selene is in my write up this week, who knew both Black Queens would become relevant at the same time.

  3. wow what was that??the best live action x men stuff is eithr Deadpool movies or the gifted on fox. this looks like fun but this story has beend one before . dear mickey mouse when you start doing x men movies stay away from the dark phoenix saga please micjey mouse stay away from this tory the best adaption was in the fox kids animated series. and I belive maybe there is a n.s.w. verson somw somewhere um have to goggle that but it should movie some uncanny xmen #129-138s and the x men classic reprints and the old school toybiz figures and the dvd that has all the fox episodes on it good times blind adam out

    1. We know it’s not Mastermind now, could be Ms. Sinister since the end credit scene of the last movie would line that up. Other guesses Hepzibah. Lilandra, Deathbird, Emma frosts sister or Emma frosts transfered conscience.

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