NYCC 2018 IDW Comic Convention Exclusives – Highlights

NYCC is upon us and I must say, I’m impressed with the convention exclusives announced so far this year for NYCC 2018 coming out of the IDW booth.
Here’s some of the highlights I think will be winners.

I loved G.I. Joe as a kid. I think I had almost every figurine and vehicle at one point. I recall spending countless hours outside with my friends on my block playing with those figurines and vehicles, setting up battle scenarios, arguing who would win, who’s the best and so on. The good ‘ol day right?
Well I’m not that big on collecting G.I. Joe comics now but I have done well flipping some hot books. But I must say, Natali Sanders brings in a whole new ballgame when it comes to cover art for G.I. Joe.
So, I’m just going to say, this is one damn good looking cover for G.I. Joe #255 and there’s apparently a virgin variant as well.

This book is limited to just 400 and the virgin is said to be limited to just 100 print run. This is a definite must grab I think at the con as Natali Sanders fans will definitely be seeking these out. She’s done some beautiful covers in the past for G.I. Joe as well.
Next up is a pretty sweet Rick & Morty vs Dungeons & Dragons Con Exclusive that is limited to just 1000 and if you pick this one up, you gotta head to Oni’s booth to pick up the connecting variant that they are selling for this exclusive.

This one might not see any heat (unlike the regular Marvel Darth Vader series) but it’s still a definite pickup for me. You all likely know my love for Darth Vader. He’s just one of my favorite villains of all time across all pop culture universes.
Well the new Vader’s Castle has a Con Exclusive by Derek Charm and it’s limited to just 500 print run. I just love the gray tones and shading with Cloud Vader watching you!

Just like G.I. Joe, Transformers was my thing back in the day. This cover for Transformers Unicron #1 brings back that 80s nostalgia for me. Like Mel would say, this has classic worn down t-shirt all over it for me.
It’s limited to just 500.

Last up for these highlight exclusives is the Batman / The Maxx #1 by Sam Keith. It looks like a mashup with Kelley Jones, I love the long pointy ears that Keith represents in true Kelley Jones style. Of course who doesn’t enjoy Sam Keith’s The Maxx as well, a true classic character.

This Batman / The Maxx exclusive is limited to just 750 total.
IDW is now a must for me this year. In previous years I don’t recall picking up any variants but I must say, they’ve stepped up their game this year and these are likely my top pick ups if I can grab some.

3 thoughts on “NYCC 2018 IDW Comic Convention Exclusives – Highlights”

  1. Anyone interested in picking me up a transformers unicron comic and shipping it out to me? $20 shipped?
    As long as it’s shipped in one of those comi mailers, can send it media mail too (I won’t tell on you! 😉).
    I’d really appreciate it. Trying to get one off eBay but the pre seller is being a jerk.

      1. Thanks Poyo, I’ll send you an email shortly.
        I haven’t seen anything stating they, or any of the exclusives are limited…there are eBay sellers who are listing up to 10 copies for sale of NYCC exclusives…not sure if they’re guessing, if they’ve played this rodeo before or have insider knowledge.
        With print runs limited to 500 you’d think they have some sort of cap. But you’d also think if they were limited to one per person they’d announce that too…
        So my best guess is they will limit them based on popularity (or by some jerk tries to buy 100 copies). I can’t imagine the transformers cover being wildly sought after, but the trailer incentive it is based on was a 50:1 and goes for about $50 on eBay. So $10 is a great deal for those of us that have a special attachment to he marvel comic it’s an homage to (I have a 9.6 newstand and NM raw of issue 1, plus the whole run of 1-80 most in near mint or better).
        Excited about Bumblebee as it seems to have the bots in closer to their G1 come (never cared for the movies other than the 1986 cartoon).
        Talk to you shortly. Thanks.

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