Oni Press Rick & Morty NYCC 2018 Exclusives

Oni Press is home to Rick & Morty for their comics. These have always been great flips not only from NYCC but most other conventions for these exclusives.

This year I think is the first time they’ll not only have a regular cover for one of their con exclusives but also a foil variant. Rick & Morty Sleepy Gary is a must pick up if you’re at the convention.

There’s also a pretty sweet Blank Variant they’ll have available as well. These seem to do pretty well on the secondary market as well and always sell out pretty quickly.

If you are making it to NYCC, don’t forget the creators for Rick & Morty Presents Sleepy Gary #1 will be at the Oni booth at the following times:

Magdalene Visaggio, Tess Stone, Sarah Stern signing on Friday 5-6pm.

Magdalene Visaggio & Tess Stone signing on Saturday 1-2pm.

Maybe try and get one of the creators to do a quick sketch and you’re golden.


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I'm just a chicken, who loves hanging around ComicsHeatingUp.net and I also started LegosHeatingUp.com, a site I hope carries the same success for those that love and sell Legos.
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2 Responses to Oni Press Rick & Morty NYCC 2018 Exclusives

  1. Dax Hansen says:

    Damn. I’ve had a hard time flipping R&M. Maybe just a dry spell between seasons?

    • agentpoyo says:

      Maybe. Usually you can flip early on new hot con or other exclusives but my sold R&M at times take a bit more time, just gotta keep’em listed. Eventually someone comes along and buys it.

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