One Year Later: Spec Review for 10/11/17

What up CHUllectors!?! Shawn B. the One Year Later Investigator, back with another One Year Later round up, where we take a look at some of the comics that Anthony, Mel, and Poyo specced on one year ago. Their specs turn out to be quick flips, slow burns, straight up misses, straight up winners and on and on. Sometimes they spec with their hearts out of their passion for comics. Sometimes they spec based on data. And sometimes they spec based off the word on the street. Either way, all their specs appeal to a few or many collectors whether it is due to them having similar taste in writing or art, or just an opportunity for a collector to flip a book and make money to “support their habit”. So, this is our weekly chance to look back at how some of our buys from a year ago are doing today on eBay.
Poyo’s Drek (Trust the chicken!) – The chicken had so much fun at NYCC that he couldn’t find a reason to avoid anything this week a year ago.

Amazing Spider-Man #789 Shattered Variant – Anthony & Mel Pick
Original Value: $15           Current Value: $35
While I don’t have the data, I know this one was going for a higher price than the current value.

Tremendous Trump One-Shot – Anthony Pick
Original Value: $5           Current Value: $9
A few of these Atlantic Press Tremendous Trump One-Shots are doing okay. I am sure  the homage cover approach helps.
Quick Flip Winners

Still Potentials

Despicable Deadpool #287 Variant Salva Espin Lenticular Homage Cover – Anthony & Poyo Pick
Original Value: $4           Current Value: $4-5
Great homage cover to one of the most sought after first appearances. Only available on the bay right now with 70 completed sales in the past 90 days.

Atomahawk #0 – Anthony Pick
Original Value: $6           Current Value: $6
Lots of sales activity on this a year later. Plus it’s Donny Cates so there is still potential.

Despicable Deadpool #287 Incentive Clayton Crain Promo Variant Cover – Mel Pick
Original Value: $25           Current Value: $8
Even though the value dropped so much there is still a ton of sales activity on this cover.

Volcanosaurus #1 – Poyo Pick
Original Value: $4           Current Value: $4
Still available at some on line retailers.
Unspecced Winners

Mister Miracle #3
Original Value: $4           Current Value: $8
Early issues of a series this hot usually do pretty well.

3 thoughts on “One Year Later: Spec Review for 10/11/17”

  1. I have a 1:10 of Volcanosaurus. Ahead of my time I suppose. Hell, if The Rejected hit the heights it did because of a small print, indy publication….why didnt the same happen for the rare and elusive 1:10 Volcanosauros. 🤔

  2. There will be a fresh flood of Deadpool 287s shortly. Diamond had a variant sale last week (which they do a couple times a year) and retailers could order more at $2 each net cost.
    They also turned loose with a few hundred copies of Thanos 13 (LH cover), also at $2 each. I’d expect a fresh wave of those on eBay in about two weeks.

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