Spoilers: Thor #6 You Will Want to See This

Thor #6 is out tomorrow. The main story is cool, but it is the back up story that has me pumped. What follows are spoilers for the issue. Click the spoiler warning to see the spoiled images. The images are redacted but the accompanying text is not, proceed only if you don’t mind spoilers.

Something is bothering Ego the Living Planet

Seems that he has a little worm in his ear.

And the worm makes itself known.

Ego gives in and gives the worm what it wants.

Oh, this is gonna be nasty.


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11 Responses to Spoilers: Thor #6 You Will Want to See This

  1. Wren says:

    Glad I still have a couple of God of Thunder 2’s left to sell.

    • Garrett R says:

      Yup that god of thunder #2 1:50 is gonna blow up again. And possibly the 1:200 virgin variant for this book.

  2. Daniel P says:

    Would this become more significant than God of Thunder #2? Kinda like what’s the bigger key: the gauntlet or Thanos? I know Thanos is more established but still… in any case, I just picked up a god of thunder #2 for $1.50 at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago! Just wondering if I should buy heavy on Thor #6…

  3. John C Hull says:

    GoT #2 is going to blow up!!!

  4. Jim Bowers says:

    Didn’t Loki have the necrosword in Thor Gates of Valhalla #1

  5. That One Guy Who Owns A Shop says:

    I wish the art was more accessible in this series. I’ve had at least a dozen customers tell me they were really enjoying the story but couldn’t “deal with” the art. It’s been our most cancelled pull title the last 3 months in a row. Around two dozen subs when it debuted. Down to 5.

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