The Mall #2 and The Source #1 Sold Out at Diamond

Two comics out tomorrow are already sold out at Diamond. If you were planning on grabbing any, make sure you do.

The Mall #2 and The Source #1 have both sold out at Diamond and are not available for reorder.

16 thoughts on “The Mall #2 and The Source #1 Sold Out at Diamond”

  1. I haven’t seen a physical copy where the hands are vertical. The only place I’ve seen that is on scout’s website. So that’s either an alternative or 2nd print, or more likely a preliminary image and not the finished book. The glow in the dark copies I found today are diagonal.

      1. Well thats weird because I’m writing this reply by the haunting glow of a diagonal copy, wonder who printed that? And every copy on ebay that was an actual picture was diagonal hands.

        1. Thanks Garrett. I responded by email as well the one where they are completely vertical was a mock up used preproduction and sent to diamond. The one at an angle is the actual cover and the only cover that was printed

  2. Yeah, The Source #1 is still for sale on the Scout site. Got issue one, the ashcan and the 1:10 for a heck of a lot less than on Ebay right now.

  3. How is Scout comics in regards to packing and mailing? Do they do a good job in ensuring that comics don’t get damaged during shipping or do they just stick them into a manila envelope with a flimsy backing board but no extra cardboard reinforcment and just hope for the best?

    1. I’ve ordered quite a few titles from Scout, including the original runs of Solar Flare back in the day. NEVER had an issue with their packaging or shipping methods…knock-on-wood.

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