Mel V.'s Variant Picks for November 14, 2018

What Up CHU Mel V here with your weekly Variant picks for Nov 14th. Still locked in with Red Dead Redemption. If ya heard me on the Unpressable Defects Podcast every Wed Night on Youtube 10:30 pm Eastern, you would know how locked in I am with this game, it’s insane. But I can stop playing long enough to give you VARIANTS OF THE WEEEEEEEEK (echo effect working?) Before we start, I have to say rest in peace to the legend Stan Lee I never got to meet him, even though I had plenty of opportunities. I would always thought there would be more time. A true legend in life, Stan Lee changed the game of comics and media. THANK YOU STAN you will truly be missed… EXCELSIOR!

Avengers Vol 7 #10 Cover H Incentive Alex Ross Variant Cover – Stunning Avengers cover by the legend Alex Ross

Bitter Root #1 Cover B Variant Mike Mignola Cover – I cant stop writing about how great issue 1 was of this, I fully support this book. Definitely pick this on up this week. Doesn’t matter what cover you get, great art, great story

Black Order #1 Cover C Incentive In-Hyuk Lee Variant Cover – This could be a ghost this week.. no this will be a ghost this week. High ratio and I don’t believe there were any store variants, to be honest, believe it or not, I’m very interested in the story more than I am the cover. I really enjoyed the Black Order in Avengers, and, I LOVE MY CONNECTING Black Order set from In Hyuk Lee

Catwoman Vol 5 #5 Cover B Variant Stanley Artgerm Lau Cover – Interesting and fantastic looking cover should be easy enough to find

Life Is Strange #1 Cover E Variant Chloe T-Shirt Cover – I NEVER HEARD OF THIS GAME Nor do I know why Midtown limited this to one per cover. I like the t-shirt design cover as it caught my eye, possible quick flip

Rose #14 Cover C Variant Reiq Cover – This series has had some great covers, could be tough to find and under ordered

Unstoppable Wasp Vol 2 #2 Cover B Incentive Luciano Vecchio Variant Cover –could be the the Ghost of the Week, one for the rarity collectors

Weatherman #6 Cover D Incentive Jerome Opena Variant Cover – interested in seeing how this one does…I do like Opena’s work and the look of this cover

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  1. Got to my shop five min after they opened and their Black Order Lee already sold. I guess the buyer had been calling about it for a couple of weeks. Shop sold it for $150.

  2. I was able to get the Mignola Bitter Root I’ve only recently gotten into Hellboy and appreciate his art style. Got both covers for Murder Falcon #1 & #2 not sure if it was this site or another that commented on the book so I had to check it out. It’s awesome! How cool are those Judas Priesr and Iron Maiden covers?!

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