Mel V.'s Variant Picks for November 21, 2018

What Up CHU? Mel V here with your weekly Variant picks for 11/21/18. So, as most of you know, before I was addicted to Red Dead Redemption I was highly addicted to Monster Hunter World, which I use to have insane sessions with my boy Brian from Simpleman Comics (please check out his YouTube channel. Tons of great info on there and his videos are funny and amazing) I have just seen pics from the up and coming movie and… damn.. 🙁 but let me not pass judgment yet lets wait and see. Happy Thanksgiving to all the readers of CHU have a safe and happy holiday ..lets get into some variants

Conspiracy (Zenescope) #1 The Illuminati Cover B Marc Rosete – Shout out to my boy Clint J for putting me on to this cover, while the cover is amazing, the story peaks my interest as well. Could be tough to find. Let me know in the comments below if you were able to find these

Game Of Thrones Clash Of Kings #14 Cover E Incentive Mike Miller Virgin Cover – Not many covers that have the Mother of Dragons on it. This is a must have for the fans of the character and of the show

Middlewest #1 Cover C Incentive Skottie Young Variant Cover – This book is getting great reviews, I also read it and I did enjoyed the first issue. Its gonna be a deep story. 1:25 b Fan fave Skottie Young

Solo A Star Wars Story Adaptation #2 Cover B Incentive Carlos Pacheco Variant Cover – first one sold well and was a ghost, I expect this one to do the same. Good luck in your hunts

Spider-Man Enter The Spider-Verse #1 Cover B Incentive Animation Variant Cover – Enter The Spider-verse movie is right around the corner and looks amazing ..Miles will become a household name as well as Ghost Spider, and the rest of the cast to be honest.. this is a pretty cool cover

Spider-Man Enter The Spider-Verse #1 Cover C Incentive Matt Waite Variant Cover – Now this is a cool cover 8bit RPG Style with Spider-verse, count me in.. My Favorite variant this week

Sukeban Turbo #1 Cover B Incentive Claire Roe Variant Cover – very excited to read this title, I have a good feeling about this book and that Vertigo book coming this week American Carnage

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