Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 213th edition of the open forum!
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?

70 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. Are there any sites similar to midtown that list ratio variants? My neck of the woods, there aren’t many stores that get many books to qualify for incentive variants unfortunately

    1. Things from another world do but you have to get there early because they usually sell out very very early. Discount comic book service also list Damn but you have to pre-order them so it’s hit or miss. And sometimes they oversell them and cancel your orders

    2. Atomic empire is a great place to view upcoming variants. They list for a decent price but I’ve never bought anything so can’t speak for how smooth they are.

      1. I know im in the minority on that one. Can you tell me what the appeal of virgin covers is, to you, if you do indeed prefer virgin covers?

      1. I would call it much closer to a virgin than a trade dressed book, rather than a happy medium. With the understanding that the DC Bs are not true virgins. I just cant see what the appeal is? I understand people like that the art is ‘unimpeded’, but, to me, the trade dress is part of the art, especially when we are talking about comic book covers. I also find it ironic that some folks who like the virgin style are some of the same people who will take that unimpeded art virgin cover and pay someone to sign it, thus impeding the art that they initially prefered to not be impeded.
        Im not trying to be antagonistic, I am simply trying to find out what the appeal is, from other perspectives. I am a full believer in ‘to each his own’.

      2. I like the killer Bs of DC because (1) they tend to have much better artwork by more popular artists, and (2) they actually have the title/issue on the cover such that I know what book it is. I’m not a fan on the “true” virgin covers…I only own a few.

      3. @ d-rog…having said that you do not like true virgins and only own a few, and that you like the DC Bs because they tend to have better art, would you prefer it if the DC Bs had true trade dress to go along with/compliment the better cover art?

      4. @JayClue: It really depends. My biggest gripe about virgin covers is that the vast majority are drawn with being a trade dress 1st, and the virgin is just the same cover stripped of the title…so you have this large area of “empty” art where the title would be…and it just feels so asymmetric. I’m an engineer and a bit obsessive/compulsive, so asymmetry without “purpose” is not appealing to me.
        The B covers are drawn knowing there won’t be a trade dress taking up 1/4 of the space…so the artist is free to use it as they see fit…and I think the results are much better.
        I read batman, and I’ll only choose one of the two covers based on which artwork I like. Lately Mattina is a no brainier. But if he was the regular trade dress I’d buy that instead of the B cover.
        Anyone know why DC just doesn’t go with the “B” artist each month? Are their artist contracts such that the interior illustrator gets to do the cover too, therefore DC has to have a B cover for any other artwork for that issue? I’m just guessing.

      5. Jayclue, to follow that up I think I am much more likely to buy a DC killer B cover any particular week because it’s a “virgin” cover by a popular artist than if it was a trade dress. By the same artist.

  2. Well, I have bought my fill of Eternals comics over the past couple of years spec’n that the franchise would see the big screen and I’m glad I did. Bought everything way cheap compared to what they are selling for now. With rumors of which Characters will appear in the film (or most of them) circulating around and Gilgamesh(the Forgotten one) potentially being one of them I bought a 35 cent price variant CGC #13 in 8.5. I was doing so well with keeping away from high dollar books with this series. It wasn’t an insane price and since The Eternals have gotten hot and it is also the first appearance of Gilgamesh I figured why not give it a shot. Seems as though Marvel Cinematic is going all in with this franchise. Hopefully they are and hopefully I’m finally done with my Eternals speculating.

    1. I’ve been buying up the Celestial Saga in Thor #283-301 and Annual #8 – solid Bronze Age run
      Also been picking up The Black Galaxy story arc in Thor #419-424 (been trying to get some feedback on this one) #419 is the 1st app of Stellaris who wants to kill a Celestial. We also see the birth of a Celestial in this arc, as well as High Evolutionary. I was thinking it may be a good story arc for the franchise and an easy way to introduce High Evolutionary into the MCU.
      Any thoughts on these books?

      1. Hey Krypt,
        I do have some thoughts but still all guess work. Right now I feel anything with a first appearance pertaining to Celestials or Eternals is a good pick up especially if still cheap. Mainly because so little is known exactly which direction Marvel will go. We just know they are headed in Eternals direction to some extent. Thor 419-424? Who knows, but It is a very cool story-line and Stellaris would do well on the big screen. Doesn’t mean that will happen, but ya never know. That’s the fun part of it all right now. Good thing is Thor #419 is dirt cheap in NM so it’s not breaking any banks. Dirt cheap first appearances are always worth a pick up!
        I’ve also been looking at Heroes Reborn: The Return #1 Variant. First Ashema The Listener. A female Celestial that takes human form. Another dirt cheap comic. The story focuses on Franklin Richards who could possibly see some time on the big or small screen due to the Fox purchase. Again, all guess work, but if Celestials are potentially going play a big part in the Marvel Movie U, well there aren’t many chicks at that party so I can see them using her. Just one of those shot in the dark guesses.
        I always say I am done picking up Eternals related comics, but I will keep buying if I find a really good deal or if new info shows up about a character I don’t have the first appearance to. So far it has been a lot of fun, mainly because I haven’t gone overboard (except maybe the purchase I just made) and I spread it all out over three years give or take.

  3. picking up picklerick #1 pickle rick #1 action figure variant what is killing the books is that long wait for season 4. web of carnage #1, looking for any copies of dead rabbit s#1&2 dear zenascope why didn’t you reach out to alex jones for a alex jones info wars variant??? I am also looking for brave and the bold #184 batman vs santa as well as batman brave and the bold #12 classic chirstmas story. buying the 8 bit&animation covers for enter the spiderverse as well as the wallgreens pops .batman #59 cover b old school flash vs superman race books.and any vintage tmnt toys .have a blessed and great thanksgiving blind adam out

    1. Alex Jones…? Really?? You would need a conspiracy just to get him to do a cover or a mental ward to lure him into the fold….alex jones…you always make me laugh, Adam!

  4. Appreciate the reply guys. Also, what are your thoughts on Miles Morales (Ultimate Fallout 4) and Spider-Gwen (EoS 2)? I have a few CGC copies (UF4 – 9.0/9.2 and the 1:25 Variant at 9.0) and EoS 2 9.8. Do you think that the value will rise after the movie, even though it is animated? A lot of dealers at a show I went to recently weren’t convinced on the potential for Miles Morales due to the fact that the movie is animated

    1. He’ll never be Peter Parker but that doesn’t mean he won’t gain significantly in popularity. If those dealers don’t think so, then agree with them but, do them a favor and take their books off their hands cheap!

    2. I tend to be very open and friendly at all my LCSs. I will strike up convos with complete strangers. I find that there is a solid, young fanbase for Miles. I try to make a point whenever I see a younger lad (0-18 years) at an LCS, which character is their favourite. Miles’ name gets mentioned often. Take that for what its worth. UFO4 has long, long legs, imo. As does EOSG2 and all variants involved, with the ratios being the obvious gold there.

    3. Both are long term holds, in my opinion. Just from observation at cons, cosplay for both is through the roof, and both have very diverse fan bases who support them. While the movie may not spike prices right away, in the long term it will only serve to drive awareness and popularity of both characters.

    4. miles is going to become a household name.go to any convention.spidergwen is the third most cos played characterafter Deadpool&harley quinn.spider gwen/spider ghost is the next Harley quinn. I see nothing but good things for fallout #4&e.o.s. #2 if you want to sell a copy of each hit me up at thank you for all the love and surport blind adam out

      1. One has to imagine some people go with uber easy as well when it comes to cosplay, not because its the most popular character. Harley Quinn you can find most of her outfit at any Goodwill store. Spider-Gwen is popular because its just a giant spandex onesie with a hoodie.
        If some of the most popular cosplay outfits were based on popularity of their comic books… Harley Quinns book sbould be up near Batmans 100k an issue print run each issue…. 😉

  5. Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers!
    Come on, everyone, join in!
    Actually, given the slow week I’m hoping WoC and Donny Cates have another dollar bin door buster in he making…

    1. No idea. But there’s a Jock alternative cover offered by Unknown Comic Books that I want. Not paying $30 for a book that has no spec value, though. Will stick with cover A until the other drops to half price or less.

      1. Just seen it. Its some good artwork but also weird to see Bats carrying that many guns…but yeah $30 is a lot for this book. Plus the print run is going to be huge. I think i have seen 5 store exclusives so far

  6. I was able to pick up a copy of Dead Rabbit #2A today at Forbidden Planet Newcastle which wasnt on display but ‘out the back’. Just sold a set of #1A and #2A I had bought on release for enough profit to cover the cost of all my comic purchases this week.

  7. FYI, fourth issues of the DC 100-page books have been released, along with a 100-page Holiday Special. A few of the holiday books have sold for $11 or more on eBay, so might it might be worth picking up an extra copy or two. The Batman book had a first appearance last month, but I’m not sure if any of the regular titles have any significant appearances this time around.

    1. I’ve seen a she-it load of the holiday specials. So I don’t think it’s going to be hard to find. It might be selling that high because they were first to eBay.
      High grade may be a challenge though. Out of 10 or so Batman book 4’s I found one copy I consider may grade 9.6 or higher. Lots of nm- or lower due To creases and bends and folds.

    1. Lol. There are some people who didn’t know that Dick Tracy was a comic strip, just knew it was a movie with Warren Beatty. There are others who don’t know that Dick Tracy was a comic strip and don’t know who Warren Beatty is. How things change. Keep the classics alive!

      1. The McDonalds Dick Tracy game around the movie ruined everything Dick Tracy for me. Everytime I see or hear Dick Tracy I imagine my dad trying to get those winning pieces cause thats where he wanted to eat everytime on a two week beach vacation. McDonalds food is gross…. Never again will I eat that crap.

      2. Haha it’s been so many years since Dick Tracy was in prominence. I hope we get more of this because I’ve always been a fan of Dick Tracy. Love the cheesy criminals and the noir style detective story.

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