Pre-Game Report: 11/21/18 Comic Sales

Books hit the shelves Wednesday mornings, but sales go on before that. Here is what our picks are doing on eBay going into Wednesday morning.
Middlewest #1 Skottie Young 1:20 Variant Cover – The one to get. This was selling in the $39.99 to $49.99 range then one sold for $104.99 Plus Shipping today. One is up at auction for $87 with many bids.
Solo A Star Wars Story Adaptation #2 Carlos Pacheco Variant Cover – None have sold. Also, none on eBay. With variants like this they tend to be “name your own price”.
Conspiracy (Zenescope) #1 The Illuminati Cover B – I mentioned this one in the New Comic Spec Review Video. It is selling for slightly above cover at $4.75.
Web of Venom #1 Carnage Born 1:100 Hotz Variant – need to see if this one will be another “off to the races” or dies down at the gate. It is selling for over ratio at $124 – $139  over the past couple of days.
Web of Venom Carnage Born Midtown Sienkiewicz Variant – These are available at Midtown for $12, selling online for $19.99
Sukeban Turbo #1 1:10  – Selling for just above ratio at $12.99 , the only one up right now is a set for $49.99.
As always, let me know if you see anything I am missing.

27 thoughts on “Pre-Game Report: 11/21/18 Comic Sales”

  1. That middle west Variant is over rated and ugly That cover A is so much better in my opinion. And that immortal hulk Ross cover is the bomb. It reminds me of Muscle men toys.

        1. Story. It is the best take on the hulk in a while. In this issue it is the Absorbing Man (who gets altered) up against the Hulk. The last panel is sick. Seriously a great horror series staring the hulk.

  2. If the Lenticulars, foils, virgins, b covers weren’t enough some more glow in the dark covers to get your money will be here soon.

  3. All variant covers this week. Boring.
    And Not much hope to score these as I only have time to hit a small LCS before I hit the road with the fam tomorrow.

  4. Ebay listings for Spider-Man Enter the Spider-Verse 1:25 variant appear to be in the $30-$45 range…yikes?! I think the 1:10 cover is much better.

  5. That conspiracy cover is sick.
    You mention sales at 4 somethin, but those were presales. One went for 15 today… could it skyrockef? could this be the wednesday winner?

      1. The only thing that hurts is the holidays. As far as shipping I have no idea when my order will show. I usually get on Friday. But I’d bet it’s next Monday when they arrive

    1. Yes. They were presales. I did the post Tuesday evening so the book had not been released at that point. Yes it could skyrocket. People are talking about it now. Will it be a Wednesday winner? My PayPal account hopes so. Lol. I was able to snag one copy. Will see if when I get to the store I can get another.

      1. I got lucky and grabbed one under ratio. Sold for $75 shipped within 5 minutes of listing it, almost 500% margin with shipping and I’m still feeling like there was more to make…LOL

      2. Surprised no one is mentioning the LCSD Green Lantern foil #1? Selling for $59-$80. I was able to get 2 copies for $20 each and sold them within minutes! Supposedly only 500 copies?

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