Spoilers: The Many Deaths of Cletus Kasady

Web of Venom Carnage Born #1 is out tomorrow It features the return of Carnage and Cletus Kasady. It gives a great deal of insight into Cletus’ past. I can say this issue makes me sure there is more Knull to come so keep those Venom #3  minty fresh as he will be around for a while
So the first of many deaths for Cletus started early.

And later, Sentry Killed him.

But he came back from that to…

And then… dead again.

And then…. out in space…

Only to return…

Only to….. you guessed it.

Which brings us to our current story line in Venom… Last we left off, we saw a crazy cult had both Cletus’ body and the codex for Knull. Turns out the worship….


And they are deep in the history of Knull.

They revive Cletus…

And we meet the leader of the cult who is another Symbiote host.

She first appears in Carnage #1 2010. FYI, Cletus eats her, so we get the death of a symbiote this issue. After which, Kasady turns back to regular Carnage, but… He wants more

Which gives him direction

and a new mission

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  1. Thanks for the spoilers! Just picked up Carnage #5 (2010) a couple of weeks ago bin diving. 1st appearance of Scorn, so too bad he ate her 🙁 it’s still a really nice Clayton Crain cover though.

    1. But are they really deaths if they came back? True death means you never come back.. until then, these were merely near deaths… 🙂

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