Things I Like and Don’t Like for the Week of January 2nd, 2019

It’s that time again, where I tell you what’s really grinding my gears for the week, the last one for the year 2018.

Some weeks it’s mostly likes, other weeks it’s dislikes.

So what’s grinding my gears this week?

I’m doing the likes and dislikes early this week as I don’t expect many will be online reading comic book news or websites on New Years Eve.

Long Delays Between Releases

Rick Remender is one of my favorite writers but come on with the delays. When was the last time we saw an issue of Low come out? Issue #19 came out I believe in August…   of 2017!!

Yeah, over a year since we had an issue of Low and now we have issue #20 hitting retailers shelves. I actually thought this one just ended it’s been so long.

Might as well just call it Volume 2 and make it a #1 at this point. I’m gonna have to go read all my previous issues just to know what this story is about again.

Avengers: Infinity War

It’s now on Netflix so I watched it again the other night. It made me smile right before Doctor Strange vanished after the snap he told Tony Stark they’re now in the “end game” which just happens to be the title of the next installment coming out this spring.

All this hoopla about the next movies title and it was right there, right in front of everyone the entire time. Mark that as a like, because that’s just classic.

CHU Community

A big shout out to CHU hitting a milestone with 10 million views. It’s you, the visitors and readers that make this site what it is though.

I stumbled upon this site way back in June of 2013 before it really started to take off. Those where the days when Anthony went by the name comicflipper. I was just a guy who commented a lot. I started off using the site to just pick up new books to read and collect. This site turned me into not only a collector and reader but a flipper eventually.

Then I started to do picks by sending them to Anthony. It was while sitting at the airport to board a plane for NYCC 2017 that Anthony just gave me access to write my own articles and said to go with it. I secretly think he just got tired of me sending him stuff to post so he just gave me the ability to do it myself.

Fast forward and now I’m working on the back end so we can make CHU hopefully even better this coming year and years to come.

So a huge shout out to Anthony as well, for allowing me to be me (he also lets me rant and rave over text messages with him). But ultimately he built this great website that attracts the best community.

CHU was my escape to talk about comics since none of my friends were into them at the time I started to get involved. So if it wasn’t for all you that make this site just a great site to visit, we wouldn’t be where we’re at today.

So if you plan to have a drink tomorrow night, I’ll be doing a big cheers for CHU myself.

Happy New Year!

Poyo cares as well, so please don’t drink and drive if you do plan on going out to celebrate the new year tomorrow night.

19 thoughts on “Things I Like and Don’t Like for the Week of January 2nd, 2019”

  1. Endgame; A term used in chess when you are in the final stages of the game where you are sacrificing smaller peices in order to set up your checkmate.
    Infinity War is a great film. Im stoked for Endgame.

    1. Jay,
      I’m not trying to be pedantic in any way whatsoever, but the endgame in a chessmatch has nothing to do with sacrificing material. Sacrificing smaller material is rare in the endgame of most decent players, as most players end up with a king (mandatory) and a few pawns, which suddenly become extremely powerful due to their ability to traverse the board and be promoted. So essentially it’s just a term used when there are few pieces left to determine the winner or whether the game will be drawn.

      1. After doing some research of my own, Wells, I will concur with your assessment. I am not a professional chess player and learned about the chess ‘endgame’ term from a bunch of MCU videos on YouTube (its been a long xmas break). YouTube seems to have mislead me (what are the chances of that? Lol). However, the term does not appear to have an ‘official’ definition, and pieces could be sacrificed in the middle game, leading up to the endgame. Jus sayin. 😉
        One description that I thought was apt was, the king, which has to be protected in the middlegame owing to the threat of checkmate, becomes a strong piece in the endgame. Either way, its a great title for the 2nd part of the Infinty War cinematic story. 🍻

        1. I agree. I don’t think everyone liked the name but it’s well suited if you’re thinking in terms of Chess. It took sacrifices in order to prepare for the win.

      2. Yes guys, the name is a good one and very clever. In fact, Doctor Strange even says the following to Tony Stark towards the end of Infinity War: “Now we’re in the endgame.” This was after Doctor Strange had looked into the future and saw only one possible winning outcome. So when handing over the time stone, I would bet that it was necessary in order to facilitate the victory over Thanos. Happy new year!

  2. I enjoyed your CHU history summary, Poyo. I think I found CHU about 3 years ago. I was just getting back into reading and collecting comics. It took a fee months to catch up to the current state of comics, and how to go about building a collection in the age of the internet. After doing some research and hitting all the local shops with in 75 km of where I live and attending the big local con, I ended up on eBay looking for books to fill holes in my Batman new52 run that I had started. What a rabbit hole that was. I eventually ended up finding CHU after I learned about ‘speculating’. I used CHUs articles and comment section to teach myself how to ‘flip’. After my first few flips, I was hooked. It is funny now, to look back at how naive I was about this industry. That is one reason why I tend to be vocal in the comment section, about things that I find to be sketchy in the flip game. Any way, that’s my story (and Im sticking to it) about CHU. A big thanks goes out to Tony, Poyo, BA, Alana, Shawn, Mel and especially the community of people that contribute in the comment sections, for making this site my go to daily comic book info fix. I would consider CHU my comic book home, and all its readers my friends. Best of luck to everyone in the new year.

    1. Yeah, I was only hitting up CHU originally to find cool new comics to read. Who would have thought it would turn me into a flipper as well. 🙂

  3. Your gratitude to Anthony and the community here is noted and reading your posts is always fun and informative. Thank you and happy new year to all.

  4. Congrats Poyo! That’s an awesome origin story. It’s great that you have an outlet to talk about your comic book love. The comic book community (from what I’ve experienced so far) has been an inclusive/welcoming/positive online environment, CHU especially. So I wish you and Anthony and Mel V and all at CHU the best in the coming New Year!

  5. I don’t remember when I found CHU, maybe 2014. Was a steady reader of Totalcomicmayhem which god bless that guy his lists were so thorough I would just go down the list and buy ever book minor characters then that are now major players. He was a one man show and shut down his site a couple years back. The site lacked a good comment place, which is why I liked CHU so much when I found it. Being able to talk story and argue first appearances with a community gives you a whole slew of information that would be impossible to find all in one place. The other thing I love about CHU and still holds to this date it is the best place for indie book speculation. Tony and Poyo know their indies and you will make money buying them months before other sites spec em. I hope people also made money off my write ups as well. The best part about CHU even with heated arguments from time to time I’ve never felt unwelcome, it’s a very special place here at CHU and as always thank you Anthony, Poyo, Mel, and everyone else! Happy New Year

  6. hey chew family happy new years.congradulations tony.thank you for allowing me to write hidden gems I found the sit in 2013.tony did an interview for me for my podcast and the rest is history.thank you all for being one of the greatest blessings in my life this website and all of you have helped me more then I will let on take care and have a great night blind adam out

  7. I just found this site in summer 2018 thanks to a friend of mine. Great site. I check it almost every day for the newest comic info. Happy New Year.

  8. I have a subscription to Low and it’s at the one LCS I stopped going to. I was thinking the problem would resolve itself and I’d never have to go back. Here’s hoping they never ordered it and I can end it with a “it’s not you, it’s me” phone call.

    Side note: Low is a great read.

    1. It is a good read. But if we keep getting year long delays, I’m probably gonna just wait now when it’s all complete to read.

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