Drek of the Year 2018 Winner

I think it’s safe to say the polls have spoken and we have a Drek of the Year Winner for 2018.

The winner goes to Walking Dead as the biggest drek for 2018 with 21.49% of the total votes.

Here is the complete results by Nominee, Votes and Percentage:

Fantastic Four #5 (#650) Wedding Issue 14 5.79%

Fantastic Four #1 (The Return of FF yet only two members were in the issue)

24 9.92%

Mark Millar – All 2018 Releases – Zero Spec Value

15 6.2%

Return of Wolverine #1 (So many covers)

38 15.7%

United States vs Murder Inc (Bendis reboots all his books at DC)

3 1.24%

Black Mask (All their books)

32 13.22%

X-Men Wedding Special #1

27 11.16%

Gekido #1 (And it’s plastered cover of “as seen on” advertisements)

4 1.65%

Walking Dead (Went from dominant top ten comic each month to nobody cares anymore)

52 21.49%

Crowded #1 (The option announced before FOC killing all spec value)

0 0%

Twisted Romance (Image Comics)

1 0.41%

Action Comics #1000

32 13.22%

20 thoughts on “Drek of the Year 2018 Winner”

  1. I am curious if Kirkman knows just how much that property has dropped out of favour of fans and critics. He lost me after he killed Andrea (in the comics) so frivolously then wrote that letter in the back that essentially was Kirkman patting himself on his back for being such a bold, brave writer….he sucks.

    1. I got tired of Kirkman’s personality very quickly. I wasn’t reading The Walking Dead until well after the 100th issue, and really became a bigger fan of Invincible; but reading the letter columns there are so many instances of him being unfair or hypocritical when it comes to his criticisms of Marvel & DC; and he’s either already done the same thing or ends up doing the same thing, which supposedly he was So Against in his rants.

      1. I do not read TWD anymore, but the first 100 issues or so are a really good read and I would recommend those TPBs to anyone.

  2. This list should be titled “what did I waste the most money on this year”. I see many purchases of mine well represented on this list.

    1. I’m happy to say there’s only one on the list I bought but it was the NYCC Return of Wolverine which was actually a decent buy, $25 each and sold 3 of them for $225 total.

      1. Oh, I did buy a few Walking Deads at the beginning of the year but I wasn’t buying them like I once did, mostly just reader copies. It was around March when I started selling them all, even my collection of back issues to cash out before I lost too much money as I was able to sell most before they really hit rock bottom pricing.

      2. Yep… as did I. I bought 4, but kept 1. Made about the same…. $225.
        It’s why I couldn’t vote on Return of Wolvie. It did too well for me.

  3. Negan was the only reason to keep reading WD for me and it’s doubtful that he’s coming back. Princess sucks, the “new” Governor sucks and Kirkman is just writing what he thinks may look good on the also failing tv show.

    1. I was tired of Negan to be honest. I was hoping Maggie would just blow his head off in the comics but to just walk away at the opportunity.. meh.

      And yeah, the Princess character sucks and the cover was awful.

      I don’t know much about the new Governor, I lost all desire to read by that point in time.

  4. Vast majority of new comics aren’t normally profitable for most customers in the short term. Only a minority becomes hot. According to old proverbs, gamble what you can afford to lose and buy what you love to keep.

  5. I voted for Black Mask, but now I’m trying to remember if they actually released any comics in 2018 or was the last time they released a comic in 2017.

  6. Cool results. I spec’d, I drek’d, and I will thankfully spec again! The best finds and flips to you you all in 2019, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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