Comic Picks of the Week for Deliver January 2nd 2019

Each week, hundreds of new comics hit the stands, each with potential. Some live up to that potential. Here are our picks of the week for delivery 1/2/19:

Not a huge week, but some great books. So this week I am formatting it as my six must grab books, in no particular order.

Batgirl #30 Joshua Middleton Cover – I do love Middleton’s covers on the series. Shame it is ending, however, Artgerm will be taking the reins soon and he has put out some classic Batgirl Variants. Still, great looking cover.

Detective Comics #995 – I am loving the build up to issue 1000. Batman goes dark here as shown by the cover. The cover is art from the book.

Action Comics #1006 – Spoilers later. There is a new character, the leader of the invisible mafia. And wait until you see the last page. Spoiler later.  Poyo be damned, this is a great read. Bendis is bringing some heat here.

Project Superpowers #5 Mattina cover– My cover of the week! Great looking Mattina cover doing Black Terror.


Immortal Hulk #11 – The horror tinged Hulk series has been awesome. New character is coming, just a matter of when.

Rags #2 2nd print – these are selling for above cover but not by much, coupled with the second print issue #1 you have a $20 set. Bundle and sell.

12 thoughts on “Comic Picks of the Week for Deliver January 2nd 2019”

  1. Will you have immortal hulk spoilers this evening? I’m assuming if you,don’t the “new character” reveal is punted to maybe to the next issue.

  2. I see that Project Superpowers #5 is sold out at Midtown. When is the last time a Dynamite comic has heated up? Not a complaint about the pick. Just an actual question. I can’t remember any off the top of my head.

      1. Sadly it is true. I think the last book that heated up from Dynamite was the Comic Book Men Comic. I sold the crap out of the Baltimore Comic Con variants they had. When they completed their signing they just left stacks of them on the table for anyone to grab. I grabbed a ton of them and blew them out.

        1. Is that the Cryptozoic Man book? I picked up one of those about 2 years ago. I made little to no money on it, I believe. That was early on in my spec career.

        1. Lmao. I knew/thought someone might pick up on that. Im not negative, Tony, I just have high standards for the things that I enjoy and a real disdain for stupidity. With the latter being found in spades on the interweb. When I am critical, I am not putting the other party down, I am actually lifting them up. (The arrogance in that is not lost on me).🤪

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