Poyo’s Spec and Drek for January 2nd, 2019

It’s a brand new year and I must say, this first week isn’t really starting off the new year with a bang.

I’ll try and stay optimistic though. So welcome again, to Poyo’s Spec and Drek to start off the new year.

DC/Vertigo Pick

Nothing really stands out but this could be a countdown to a death as I pointed this out a few weeks back in my Likes and Dislikes, this one made the cut from the rest to make it my DC pick of the week.

The pick goes to Batman Beyond #27 not just because it’s leading up to a potential death but it’s a pretty cool cover by Dave Johnson.

It’s not the greatest cover but it’s cool.

Sure there’s a new Batgirl Middleton Killer B but it’s brought nothing new to the table we haven’t already pretty much seen out of Middleton and his creative side.

Marvel Pick

Hey look, they rebooted Champions with a new #1. Conan has a bazillion covers coming out. So this weeks pick goes to Immortal Hulk #11.

This series is getting rave reviews and you can’t beat an awesome looking Alex Ross cover.

Hulk is in hell and I think this series is just getting warmed up.

Indie Pick

This is a simple pick because there’s literally nothing else really coming out for Indie books.

The pick goes to Rags #2 2nd print. I’m not gonna even bother with a picture, you all know what it looks like.

It’ll be interesting to watch these on the secondary market now since the whole creators swamping the market with patreon issues and so on.

Small Publisher Pick

Halo Lone Wolf #1 is my small publisher pick. Sounds interesting enough and it’s already selling out online before release at some retailers.

I don’t expect much heat for this one but I’ve been known to be wrong.

You be the judge, here’s the publishers solicitation for this book:

Sent on a covert mission without the rest of her team, Spartan Linda-058’s skills in infiltration and marksmanship are called upon to end the threat posed by a wanted scientist on a distant planet. With only an ONI AI at her side, Linda must fight through both the dregs of the Covenant and the hostility of a lost human settlement to stop the rogue scientist in his tracks.

I tell ya, someone wants to get rich should secure the Fortnight comic book license.

Now on with the dreaded “avoid” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.

You know, long ago I enjoyed Conan the Barbarian but seriously Marvel, do we really need this many covers? Pick the one you like (Cover A since it’s Ribic) and leave the rest alone.

I must admit though, the only thing keeping this series from having the potential to be totally awesome would be if Ribic was the interior artist.


8 thoughts on “Poyo’s Spec and Drek for January 2nd, 2019”

  1. Going to seek out Immortal Hulk and the B cover to BM Beyond. Both for the reads. Otherwise hitting the back issue bin.

  2. Ive got that Batman Beyond book on my PC pick up list for this week. It looks like its a companion cover to issue #25 of that series. It’s also reminiscent of tec569.

      1. For sure, AP. I have a tattoo of a pair of ‘Joker’ cards on my chest, one card is rep’n Mr. J and the other card is rep’n Miss Quinn.

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