Final Order Cut-Off Highlights for 1/21/19

Final Order Cut-Off is the last day that shops can guarantee their orders for comics. After Final Order Cut-Off, or FOC, these books will only be available to retailers on Advance Reorder. And that is not guaranteed. So here are the highlights for Monday, 1/21/19’s FOC list.
Huge week this week.


Age of X-Man NextGen #1 Secret Variant – Call me a fool, but I love secret  bagged variants. I did well selling the bagged version of the Harley Covers, the X-Men Campbell Variants among others. I am going to check these out.

Avengers No Road Home #1 – Follow up to the No Surrender mini series that ran through the Avengers book (introduced Immortal Hulk in that series). Digging the Mark Brooks Hidden Gems Variant

True Believers Captain Mar-vell #1 – reprinting Marvel Super-Heroes #12 featuring the first appearance of Captain Marvel. Wish this was a replica edition but still glad to grab it. I have a copy of the real deal and won’t dare to open it to read it.


Superman #8 Rob Liefeld Cover – A Killer B cover that is pretty killer. I love the cheesiness of it.

Redhood Outlaw #31 Matteo Scalara Cover – Scalara has had a hit Killer B cover recently. This is a great cover.

Wonder Woman #64 Artgerm Cover – Love his stuff. This is one of the sideways covers. Just awesome.

Batman Who Laughs #3 – nothing huge spec wise, just has been a cool series. Leaning towards the Jock cover on this one.

Catwoman #8 Tony Daniels Cover – not as hot as the previous two (Oliver and Chew covers) but still a great looking variant.

Detective Comics #998 Jae Lee Cover – just wow on this cover. Lee does a great job. (The regular cover is pretty sweet as well.)

Titans #34 Tyler Kirkham Cover – Killer B’s on the loose this issue. Super hot artist Tyler Kirkham covering the Titans.

Wonder Twins #1 Dustin Ngyuen Cover – First up, Wonder Twins, if you are an 80’s kid like me you might have a fond memory of them, but this cover captures the 80’s look and feel as well.




Spawn Kills Everyone Too #3 – Awesome Tods McFarlane Infinity Guantlet homage. “Introducing Clownos….”


17 thoughts on “Final Order Cut-Off Highlights for 1/21/19”

  1. Superman #7 100 page exclusive. controversial story with rumor of it being recalled? Anyone hear anything about this or is someone trying to corner the market?

  2. I just read up on the Superman #7 Walmart Giant Book. The controversy surrounding the book is nothing More than fake outrage from weak minded fools. I would imagine the book is catching heat due to the ‘story’ being covered by media outlets. Flip’em if ya got’em.

  3. Anthony, not to correct you, but was just doing FOC and noticed that Tec 998 is done by Gary Frank and not Jae Lee. I didn’t think it was Lee’s style, but wanted to make sure before I commented. As always, great work and always a great read!

      1. Yeah, definitely Mendoza for the A. However, Diamond is listing Frank for the B, and if you zoom in just down and to the left of Batman’s right leg, you can see Frank’s signature on it. TFAW may have just been mixed up, as I imagine it’s pretty easy to do when you have a site as large as theirs.

        1. I think Diamond switched it up after the initial solicitation. I checked a couple of different stores and they all have Lee. DC could have originally solicited Lee and ended with Frank.

  4. I love the Spawn Kills and the Artgerm Wonder Woman, though I suspect a lot of stores will order plenty of those. One mild sleeper for me this week is the Mos cover of Robyn Hood Outlaw from Zenescope.

  5. I think that the hottest cover on that FOC will turn out to be one that DC hadn’t posted the art for – Batman Who Laughs #3 B cover by Ricardo Federici. Artstation dot com posted it yesterday, and it’s a killah!

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