New Comic Spec Review Video for January 23, 2019

Anthony from talks about the week’s hot new comic book releases. Here is this week’s for delivery 1/23/19:

8 thoughts on “New Comic Spec Review Video for January 23, 2019”

  1. May want to try and find a Superman Giant 7 at Walmart. Some of these have been good. Others not so good. This issue has Lex Luther shooting Lois Lane in the head at close range on page one. Walmart’s answer to Black Label I guess. Don’t pick this one up for the kiddies.

    1. Hit 3 WMs. One had copies, but all wih some extent of damage…scratches and scuffs or ink pulling off the cover. The other 2 didn’t look like they put their copies out yet.

      Didn’t see why so controversial, but I haven’t looked through the other issues to see if the Lois death scenes (there are several) was that far out from what these 100 pg Giants have normally been putting out. Didn’t seem that much different than the regukar Batman or Superman title, but it is Walmart and more accessible to children and marketed to them seeing where they put these books (with all the playing cards and blind bag toys).

  2. thanks for the blossom 666 #1 cherrl blossom is a tall glass of awesomesauce and bomb shockla can be s.s.ed at any convention the acteress attends love you all blind adam out

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