Things I Like and Don’t Like for the Week of January 23rd, 2019

It’s that time again, where I tell you what’s really grinding my gears for the week of January 23rd, 2019.

Some weeks it’s mostly likes, other weeks it’s dislikes.

So what’s grinding my gears this week?

Old Classic Retro Covers

Count this one as a win from Marvel. I love the classic retro throwback covers on new books. They need to do this more often as it makes me want to go digging for some of the actual covers from the Silver Age back bins.

This week we get a Marvel Comics Group Crypt of Shadows One-Shot which has a great classic cover by John Tyler Christopher. The regular Kyle Hotz cover is pretty sweet as well if you ask me.

This one-shot is a new story deep from the vaults but takes on from the Classic and Vintage Crypt of Shadows series way back in the day.

Guardians of the Galaxy

I’m really looking forward to this new Guardians of the Galaxy volume written by Donny Cates.

I anticipate surprises, new characters, old characters, dollar bin books heating up over night that become relevant again and so much more.

Maybe the pre-hype has died a bit from what Cates touches new books but these books are definitely books to watch, particularly some of the first appearances of the potential new team members.

George Perez Retiring

This is a like and a dislike. George Perez is officially retiring from comics.

I dislike the fact we won’t be getting more Perez work but I also like he’s retiring to focus on his own life, health and so on.

So enjoy retirement Mr. Perez, you’ll be missed but we can’t refute the reasons for retiring.

Please do share what your favorite Perez cover is. I think the one cover that always stands and comes to mind for me since it’s on such a iconic title and series is Infinity Gauntlet #1. Surprisingly, the prices have come back down putting this back in the really affordable range for those that have yet to have this book in their personal collection.

Spider-Verse Movie

I finally saw Into the Spider-Verse and must say, I really enjoyed it.

I’m still not a Spider-Gwen fan but I thought they did a good job introducing her in the movie. I like her character more than the comic rendition.

It’s a small week for likes and dislikes and writing most of this while sitting in an airport after my flight got delayed didn’t help much on the thought process.

Tell us what’s grinding your gears this week in the comments below.

19 thoughts on “Things I Like and Don’t Like for the Week of January 23rd, 2019”

  1. Whew. I thought I was the only collector out there that had absolutely no love for Spider-Gwen in the comics. Thankfully, there is another.

  2. Between Spider-Gwen and Silk I always thought Silk was a better character. I saw Glass yesterday and I really liked it.

  3. Thanks for the Ironheart Poyo just got it today. What GRINDS my gears season 2 Punisher Frank Castle has more scars on his face then Jigsaw. Wtf is with pretty boy Jigsaw. The show is great but Jigsaw not looking like hamburger face is like two face just being Harvey Dent.

    1. Holy smokes, that took a while. I did ship media mail though but getting to paradise takes a little bit longer I suppose.. 😉

  4. Donny Cates is on fire! I am happy for him, seemed like a cool dude when he signed Redneck for me about a year and a half ago

    1. Yeah. A few years back around the God Country early days, he was signing at Dragon’s Lair (with no one else there) and we chatted probably for a good 20-30 minutes about Texas and truck driving (both had family who drove trucks).

  5. Really hoping my LCS pulls through on the Parel Variant for GOTG #1. Haven’t actually seen it yet, but Parel does a good job.

        1. True but we all know covers can tell us nothing as well, causing misdirection or just being completely irrelevant to the actual storyline.

          1. Looks like it is the final team based on a tweet from Cates. Probably a ton out there, though, based on eBay pre-sales and availability from Midtown.

  6. poyo what will it take me to get to switch to team spider-gwen??I have cash/your own nation,a chickenarmy that can help ya take over the world.and gwenpool is just anamazing series .winter is upsetting me .trying to finally make a life changing descion is making me loss sleep. looking forward to glass question is do you need to see split before seeing glass?rubys costumes screwing up my order and taking forever to fix the problem and Donny cates is the man .he was a class act at nycc last year love you all blind adam out

    1. Nothing, I will never be on Team Spider-Gwen.

      And yes, Split is apparently the stand alone story for McAvoy’s character in the new Glass movie.

  7. Things I like for this week: Punisher Season 2, went through all 13 episodes in 2 days. Bernthal is so perfect as Frank Castle, I really hope this isn’t the end. So many great Punisher MAX storylines they can do.
    Supernatural Thrillers #8 catching some major heat! I love hunting for odd bronze age books, more challenging than trying to find a 5 month old DC B variant.
    Things I hate for this week: Black Panther being nominated for best picture. Really??? That boring piece of shit filled with plot holes and piss poor writing than any MCU movie including Age Of Ultron and that’s really saying something.

    1. I did not enjoy BP either, but any and all ‘awards’ shows are meaningless anyways. They are no longer about recognizing quality films, but rather,
      , its a popularity contest.

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