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With all the theories and rumors popping up every so often on the next installment of the Avengers movie Endgame in the MCU, one of the spotlights is the renewed interest and slight hints that Black Knight will be making an appearance.

True or not, probably worthwhile to keep an eye on some of the key books for this Marvel Character and some of the tie-ins to other characters.

Black Knight has been the alias for several Marvel Characters but the one that makes the most sense for the MCU is Dane Whitman, who was the third character to take the reigns of the Black Knight.

First appearing in Avengers #47 as himself, Dane Whitman, he becomes Black Knight in the following issue #48.

When Dane Whitman becomes the Black Knight to help the Avengers, he is initially attacked by the Avengers as mistaken as a villain.

It’s eventually discovered by the Avengers he is no longer a villain or foe.

The Black Knight proves his worthiness by defeating the Masters of Evil, eventually becoming a member of the team in Avengers #71.

Black Knight actually became the leader of the Avengers during a brief absence of Captain America and became romantically involved with his teammate Sersi, who’s first appearance was in Strange Tales #109.

Sersi is an eternal and part of The Eternals who first appeared in their own self titled ongoing series Eternals #1, which so far has rumors (and the Marvel greenlight) of becoming a Marvel Cinematic movie to follow in the footsteps of the Avengers movies.

Marvel certainly has a web of history in these early books and titles. With so many close tie-ins to one another, there’s a good chance at some point Black Knight will make an appearance somewhere.


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