Blind Adam’s Hidden Gem Spotlight Vol. 1 Fantastic Four #275

Batman Damned is all the rage right now do to its more mature content. But I have been saying all along there are more books out there than it that have had mature content. I am going to talk about Fantastic Four #275. This issue focuses on She-Hulk and her troubles getting a good tan on top of the Baxter Building. 

The 1980’s were a simpler time. Superheroes had more free time on their hands, they could just lounge around on roof tops of New York City buildings.  This John Byrne classic focuses on She-Hulk topless sunbathing on the roof of the Baxter Building and the trouble that it caused. Do not worry, it was tastefully done.

Starting right from the first page we get right to the action.

So while She-Hulk was sunbathing on the roof a helicopter with paparazzi comes by and snaps some pics of Jen in all her green glory.

The wind from the props on the helicopter blow her about and startle her. Needless to say the photographers snap some pictures. (1980’s TMZ perhaps?)

The story focuses on She-Hulk chasing after, catching, and talking to the photogs to get the pictures. In the end, the pictures get published all the same.

But do not worry. Seems whoever developed the photos or maybe the editor color corrected the photos when they published the and no one knew who the photos were of.

Fantastic Four #275 came in a few different variants, besides the regular direct edition cover there was a Mark Jeweler Variant, there was a Newsstand Variant, and a Canadian Price Variant.

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      1. It is believed that the character on the cover, TJ Vance, was John Byrne characterizing Stan Lee. Byrne had a wicked sense of humour.

  1. I need to give credit to comics well as tony for putting me on to this book.comics tom for the stan lee cover tony for she hulk being nude on the roof top of nyc but this book is #awesomesauce I love you all blind adam out

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