Back In Stock Alert

If you missed out on some of the more recent books that sold out quickly online and or were missed at the local shops, here’s another chance at some of the books that sold out but are now available once again.

High Level #1 regular cover is out of stock at Midtown but the Mattina Variant that sold out initially is back in stock. Limited to just 1 copy per customer and no discount.

The Nightwing #57 Jeff Dekal Killer B variant was another book that sold out pretty quickly initially.

It’s now back in stock again at Midtown along with the regular cover without any limitations.

Another sweet looking Jeff Dekal variant that sold out quickly and is now back in stock is the Action Comics #1008.


13 thoughts on “Back In Stock Alert”

  1. It’s crazy how a lot of shops will sell out of something but I’ve seen it at my LCS for weeks. I guess I’m in a good region

    1. You misspelled “good” if sold out books are on the shelves for weeks, your shop will probably have to close down soon.

      1. Thats true as well. If a shop has books one the shelves for weeks where they’re selling out elsewhere…. Probably a sign business isn’t that good or they’re over ordering based on customer demand.

  2. Occasionally at my LCS in Louisville, I’ll find HTF books on the new comics rack 2-3 weeks after release. The answer made total sense once I finally aksed them about it, they were in customer’s holds, and if they never claimed them then they put them out for sale. I wonder if Mid-town does this for local cusotmers in NYC?

  3. Question for you guys.Thinking of ordering from mutant beaver in Canada.Price says 29.95 USD but When i go to pay it says 39.95 CAD.How much am i actually paying out of my Paypal? Confused about this exchange rate stuff

    1. Right now 1 USD = 1.33 CAD. So that’s about right on conversion. You’ll see $29.94 (they round up since Canada doesn’t have pennies anymore) so $29.95 is what you should see deducted from your paypal account.

      1. It is true that Canada has eliminated pennies but that is only for cash transactions. All amounts are rounded up or down to the closest .00 or .05 for cold hard cash. If you are paying electronically the amount you pay is the amount you pay. No rounding is done. If the amount above is 39.95 that is just an amount the store has chosen to charge based on a estimate of a US to Canadian exchange rate conversion but has nothing to do with rounding up or down to the closest nickel. if the transaction is going to be online no rounding is done.

          1. the amount the paypal charges will be approx $29.94 US. the exchange rate changes constantly change from one day to the next. One day the exchange rate is 1.3378 the next its 1.3326. These are posted Bank of Canada rates. the rates paypal charges could be a little higher or lower as they not only make money on the transaction, they make a little money on the exchange too.

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