Throwback Thursday for March 21st, 2019

This Throwback Thursday I wrote up way before I mentioned this next character that entered our lives way back in March of 1966. Another great character from the mind of the great Jack Kirby. That character is none other than, the Silver Surfer.

Silver Surfer made his first appearance debut in Fantastic Four #48. One of many characters to get introduced in the Fantastic Four title.

Silver Surfer was originally Norrin Radd from the planet Zenn-La. He sacrificed his freedom to serve Galactus, sparing his home planet from being devoured and destroyed.

Norrin was give a portion of Galactus power which gave him new powers and abilities, which included metallic skin, a board that looks like our surf boards and he can travel at the speed of light. That’s just the a glimpse of his powers.

The Silver Surfer would now roam the cosmos in search for new planets for Galactus to consume. He encountered Earth and the Fantastic Four who helped him rediscover his roots as a humanoid of who he once was. He betrayed Galactus, saving Earth but was exiled there as punishment.

A reminder that Fantastic Four #48 was also Galactus first appearance as well.

This #48 issue is a classic key issue but I’ll be honest, Fantastic Four #49 I think is the better cover which is the continuation of the story of Galactus and Silver Surfer.

As the second appearance of both, it’s still a key book in of itself but you can get these at a fraction of the price than their first.

Issue #49 was the first appearance of the Punisher Cyborg, which are cyborgs employed by Galactus. They’ve made several appearances over the years. Maybe if we ever get Galactus in the MCU, we’ll see some of these cyborgs making their way to Earth.

Silver Surfer’s first cover appearance was on issue #49 but issue #50 was probably his breakout cover, as the prominent character on the cover.

Silver Surfer became popular fast, getting his first self titled 2 years later in 1968 in Silver Silver Surfer #1 which ran for 18 issues.

I bet most of you don’t either know or recall (for those that were around in 1968 and old enough to read) that Silver Surfer was still banished to Earth until he was able to break free in Silver Surfer #1 Volume 3 in 1987. Poor guy, how can one me cosmic being trapped on Earth?

Here’s some trivia for you. Jack Kirby and Stan Lee both worked on Fantastic Four together, using the “Marvel Method” to create their stories. Basically they discuss the story together to get on the same page, Kirby would draw the comic and then Lee would come in and fill in the dialogue, narration, etc.

But Kirby gets all the credit for creating Silver Surfer and here’s why, Kirby threw him in as a surprise. Lee was quote as to saying, “There, in the middle of the story we had so carefully worked out, was a nut on some sort of flying surfboard.” Kirby explained to Lee the story was there but Galactus needed a herald, so he created Silver Surfer but he went on as quoted in saying he drew as surfboard, “because I’m tired of drawing spaceships!”

So there you have it, Kirby is the creator behind the Surfer we all know and love. Hope you liked this weeks Throwback..

9 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday for March 21st, 2019”

  1. I like how the surfers board has that little dorsal fin on the bottom, like that helps him control the board in the vacuum of space!

  2. I have to agree with you on the cover of #49. It may not be as iconic as #48 but I do think it is a better cover overall! It has everything going for it! All members o the FF as well as Silver Surfer and Galactus! As morbid s it sounds, last year when Stan Lee took a break from signing and reports were that his health wasn’t all that I good I came across a pretty darn affordable, signed and graded 5.5 copy of #49. Picked it up. Glad I did. Not because the price has jumped, but it is nice to have Stan Lee’s signature (well placed) on an awesome cover with so much significance being that it is the first full Galactus as well as his and Surfer’s first cover!

  3. I honestly think that the #49 cover is rather cheesey and crowded with too many action shots. #48 has just the perfect amount of awe and gravitas — who could resist finding out what has the FF spellbound? I do agree that #50 was the Surfer’s breakout cover.

    1. BTW, my best friend bought be a copy of 1968’s Silver Surfer #1 for my birthday which I still have to this day. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

  4. Damn it! Now I’m trying to strategize what in my collection I can liquidate to acquire a low grade copy of issue 49. It has officially made my “grail” and bucket list.


    Anyone have a low (VG range) copy (raw or slabbed) they want to sell to someone who they can trust will love and cherish it forever? 😊

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