April Previews – Indie Outlook and Spotlight New Titles

We love independent and small press books here at CHU. It allows the writers and artists the freedom to create. Some of the best stuff comes from the individual creators.

So let’s review some of the upcoming independent books that will be hitting our store shelves in the coming weeks or months.

Leave on the Light #1 (of 3) Main Cover – Antarctic Press

Brace yourself for a shocker of a horror story! In a small town near New York, an undead serial killer has begun claiming the lives of children by using the city’s electrical system.

This is a new Antarctic Press book I’m looking forward to reading. I love the cover art as well.

We’ve seen some recent AP books heat up so some might be catching onto these with pre-orders but perhaps we should still keep a watchful eye out.

There’s also a Leave on the Light Foil Variant Cover as well. These have done well in the past when they heat up, could be a small gamble since foil covers are all the rave it seems. Is it 1992 all over again?

Planet 9 #1 (of 4) – Antarctic Press

No, it’s not about Pluto either… but it does sound like a possible interesting read if done well.

A mysterious planet on the far side of the galaxy has come back into Earth’s view after thousands of years. Its visitors want our help in order to preserve their way of life, but their true motives will bring our very existence toward dark conclusions. Our biggest questions about who we are and what lies ahead once we pass on to the other side will be answered. But be careful of the answers you seek… the answers may be terrifying!

No Ones #1 – Cave Pictures

The Bastions are superheroes at the height of fame and fortune-their brand has captured the world… and corrupted their souls. When they accidentally kill a man and cover up the crime to save their reputation, their corruption becomes a curse that erases their very existence.

The only fear I have with these really small press books is the possible delays between issues. If it’s a good read and there are delays, it kills all the momentum they have going for them.

This one is still a check out for me. I just hope the art isn’t too rough as well for the interiors.

Banjax #1 (Cover A) – Danger Zone

This book is on my definite check it out list. I love fall from grace type of super hero stories. Anyone recall Sidekick from Image Comics (which is actually a pretty good read)? Kind of in the same category and I hope it’s a good read.

Chapter 1: The Cure. A wholly original and delightfully twisted deconstruction of the superhero genre by Hollywood screenwriter/Aberrant-scribe Rylend Grant. Liard Mason, a disgraced former superhero, is diagnosed with terminal cancer, brought on by years of using his powers. Defending what he has deemed an ungrateful and ultimately unworthy city is literally killing him. With just months to live and a legacy hanging in the balance, Mason launches a violent and misguided Death Wish-like campaign to purge the city of supervillains before he dies.

Crucified #1 – Scout Comics

The world’s deadliest contract killer just received his next target: A man some believe to be the modern Jesus Christ. Lucas Blank, a gun for hire, finds himself contracted by a powerful NGO to execute a figure known only as the Messiah, who recently stopped a Los Angeles race riot with a single word. Lucas is a professional and it’s just another job until he has his finger on the trigger and is about to complete the job, that is, until the Messiah sees him and he suffers a crisis of conscience. The NGO becomes more desperate than ever to see the Messiah dead at any costs, including sacrificing those that Lucas holds most dear. One bullet. One kill. A billion consequences.

Let’s hope this one doesn’t get canceled like that DC book due to the sensitivity of some people and their religious beliefs.

Gutt Ghost Till We Meet Again #1 – Scout Comics

Who is Gutt Ghost and what’s he all about? The reality is he’s just like you and me. Navigating the same ups and downs that life has to offer. He works a job he doesn’t like, has a car that breaks down, pays bills and deals with the same headaches that come from being a ghost with guts. Things like an ex-girlfriend and her obnoxious runt of a creature new boyfriend, flakey friends and the troubles with resurrecting dead ones, confrontations with a stranger and accidentally eating them alive. It’s normal stuff we all deal with and he’s no stranger to it. Plus there’s sure to be some inside out people, a cult and someone’s car gets broken into. All completely normal and relatable stuff!

Just sounds like a strange but interesting book.

Samurai Grandpa #1 – Source Point Press

Sounds like it could be silly but this book has caught my eye for a possibly great read and the cover art, if it’s any indication for the interiors has really got my attention.

After retiring the blade and putting the way of the samurai behind him, Ojichan returns home from the mountains to find his family visited by disaster, and his granddaughter kidnapped by one of his greatest foes from the past. Now Ojichan must set out one last time into a mysterious and magical world and face enemies new and old, in order to bring his granddaughter back.

Traveller – T Pub

I’m a sucker for some good steampunk story and artwork. This one is one of those books that scare me though about possible delays. If it’s good and there are delays, it’ll lose any and all momentum it has going for it.

The Traveller is a steampunk adventure story set at the turn of the 19th century. Made using cutting-edge 3D modelling combined with traditional hand inking, the story focuses on the greater good and the price we are prepared to pay for it.

Test #1 Cover A – Vault Comics

Aleph Null is a lot of things: An orphan, a human guinea pig undergoing medical tests for cash, a bodyhacker, a hardcore future junkie, and a corporate asset. But now, Aleph is on the run from their old life, in search of a mythical, Midwestern town named Laurelwood-where they’re test-marketing the future with tech that can’t possibly exist yet, and won’t for decades. From Eisner-nominated Chris Sebela (Crowded, High Crimes) and Jen Hickman (Moth & Whisper) comes the story of a town out of time, full of mysteries, and populated by guinea pigs in need of liberation by the misfit least likely to be their savior.


5 thoughts on “April Previews – Indie Outlook and Spotlight New Titles”

  1. The 3 best small publishers imo in no paticular order….Scout, Source Point and my homeys AHOY. WHERE IS STEEL CAGE? Here is a neat opportunity for fans to vote a new comic…

  2. Man Indies just don’t have the same feel as they did in the 80’s. Fish Police, Elf Lord, Samurai, The Realm (1986), The Crow, Love and Rockets, Grendel and Mage. There was no internet, so these books were ghosts and you could never find them. The art was incredible too, unlike a lot of Indies I find today. Now I can find most of these books, full runs available on mycomicshop for $1.70 ea. The only one of these that reminded me of my childhood was Samurai Grandpa. It was Samurai and Ninja everything in the 80’s. Thanks for alerting me to that book. 🙂

  3. Just finished an early preview of Leave the Light On #1. Definitely a solid first issue that pulls you into the story with quick moving panels and dark, detailed art that reminds me a little of Tales from the Crypt. Im looking forward to seeing where the story goes from here. Go buy it.

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