War of The Realms, Sindr and The New Agents of Atlas, Wave 1st Cover Appearance Variant

I wanted to touch basis on the War of The Realms just a little bit, mainly New Agents of Atlas, but Anthony beat me to THE POST on specifically new characters, which I fault myself for not making time to communicate with him. I have a crazy hectic schedule, and from time to time, the only thing that can relax my mind is finding something to write.

For those who have picked up War of the Realms, we know what’s going on, and if you haven’t, it ties with the THOR-VERSEQUE in the Marvel Universe. The War of the Realms is culmination of events which was first mentioned in 2014. In Thor: God of Thunder #25, Thor’s granddaughters are looking through the library and one of them reads from a book, “What followed was called… The War of Realms. The WAR that made the World Tree burn, from tip to root. The War that would ultimately lay waste to–.” Then one of them stops her and says, ‘It seems grandfather would rather we read something else.’ !

Fast forward to Mighty Thor #1 (2016) you get one of the Light elves from Alfheim floating around dead, with the inscription carved in to him, saying, ‘So begins the War of the Realms,” These are just a few of the instances that The War of the Realms has been mentioned prior to this event finally being told. This story has been slowly building up for quite some time.

So with every Major Marvel Story-line, we all know that we tend to get all these tie-ins going on, one of them that is going to be “New Agents of Atlas.”

The main villain in this story set (New Agents of Atlas) will be Sindr, Queen of Muspelheim, who was first mentioned in Mighty Thor #21 and then first appeared in Mighty Thor #22. Sindr is going to come down to Asia to wreak havoc, or as in spanish I like to say “desmadre”

Mighty Thor #22 (2016), which has 2 covers, a regular cover which features Sindr on the cover, and aMarvel vs. Capcom Variant. The MvsC variant is currently at a more economical price to currently afford at the moment with at my last count 13 were available on eBay. The regular cover has been going up slowly from cover price since February, but still not a lot to get hyped over just yet, but not many of them are floating around on eBay as one would think. At the last count on April 21st, 4 copies are currently listed some asking for a $17.99 and another $19.95 price before shipping.

Now we have the New Agents of Atlas, like you know, Atlas Comics, the name it was before it became Marvel Comics. So here you got all these Marvel Asian characters who are from various parts of Asia, so they don’t really have the same viewpoint so they are at odds and ends on how things should be handled..

Of course, some new characters are being introduced to the Marvel comic book UNIVERSE, WAVE being one of them. Leinil Francis Yu created WAVE, and she was unveiled on March 9, 2019. WAVE is FILIPIANA. While some people may decide to go get multiple copies at their LCS of New Agents of Atlas because it introduces several news characters as mentioned by Anthony in his post; there is a store based variant coming out the Philippines with WAVE  on the cover. The store is Comic Odyssey  will have a variant with cover artwork is by Filipino artists MICO SUAYAN & RAIN BEREDO. Here is the catch. Only 1 copy per cover per person can be pre-ordered purchased. That being said, if you so happen to live in the Philippines, and you are reading this, you can pick up your copy at THE STORE itself. US Residents, you are going to have to fork up an additional $30USD just for shipping alone. The Virgin is going to run about a little over $25USDN a while the NON-virgin regular trade cover is going to cost you about roughly $15.99USD. You can PRE-order those HERE

US Residents, if you don’t want to fork up $30 for international shipping, Just recently on April 21st, Sanctus Sanctorum Comics & Oddities LLC based in Michigan mentioned they would also be carrying this variant as well, it will be at a fairly steeper price. The Virgin Cover will Cost you $50 and the trade will cost you $25.

Will this character Wave take off? Too early to tell, only time can tell, but if you want the 1st appearance of her on a cover, this is the one to buy.



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7 thoughts on “War of The Realms, Sindr and The New Agents of Atlas, Wave 1st Cover Appearance Variant”

  1. I’ve ordered from Sanctus Sanctorum Comics before and never had a problem so I did pick up one of the trade cover variants. REALLY nice cover!

  2. Why would you want a store variant with an unadvertised print run with one character on it when the other covers have all the new characters on it? I can tell you that Luna will be pushed more so than any other of the new characters. The 1:25 incentive variant will be a ghost if the print run comes in around 40k or lower. Also don’t forget the Chinese female Ironman from awhile back, good chance she’s going be returning here soon.

    1. Also if you have ever shipped or received anything from the Philippines you know how long that can take. Last package from the Philippines to me in Hawaii took 2 1/2 months last package to the Philippines 3 months. By the time you get it in hand to sell you might have missed all the heat. I’ll ask my roommate if she can get some of these for people here that want them, 3 of her 7 sisters couldn’t move with her family from the Philippines because they were to old to get the same kind of visa.

        1. wave is not on any cover except for store exclusive. i bought 1 set from sactorum in usa, have never been sent a damaged book by them, print run is 3k trade 1k virgin. its for pc, i agree luna snow is better spec gamble. print run is gonna be 40-50k the 1:25 and 1:50 will be ghosts since most lcs wont order 25 copies. over time i think 1:25 will edge out 1:50 since it prettier cover

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