Throwback Thursday

The book that likely had a million copies printed and a likely roller coaster ride on value over the past 27 years.

McFarlane brought us Spawn #1 in 1992 soon after him and his band of Marvel buddies split ties from Marvel to start Image Comics.

It’s still one of the longest running and ongoing comics of all time without any type of reboot, particularly impressive as an independent comic book.

With the new movie coming soon, there’s been renewed interest in this particular book. I could find these at Half Price Books for a few bucks. I even picked up the NM copy I now have for $5 a few years back.

Even if you aren’t a fan, it’s still a book to appreciate for what it’s done for the industry. 27 years and it’s almost to issue #300 with a lot of covers to choose from. Pre-order to save money, buy the covers you like but don’t go heavy. History tells us these big event issues based on the issue number don’t normally heat up and usually gain a few bucks years down the road. With this one having a $7.99 retail price tag, it’s not worth it if it only turns into a $10 book 10 years from now like we see with issue #100 or #200 on average.

I don’t see this series slowing down anytime soon either. I’m sure McFarlane will eventually see a #400 and maybe a #500 one day.

5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday”

  1. Such an iconic cover! Was iconic on day one! Like you stated tons of this issue were printed, but tons of interest! The newsstand/upc version can still be found at reasonable prices and is the way to go for the personal collection!

  2. It was this comic along with the death of Superman back in 1992 that got me back into collecting comics. I collected as a kid, then gave them up in my teens and early 20s. Have been collecting ever since! Tough habit to break!

    1. I remember going from store to store looking for Death of Superman black poly bagged, every store sold out but one the one that was charging $50 day one.

      1. Same here but most of the shops in my area at that time were around $20 on day one. I remember being ticked off knowing they printed a bazillion of them but why shops couldn’t sell at normal prices.

      2. I sent my wife out mid day when it came out while I was at work and she got 5 copies of the black bag at cover price along with 10 copies of the newsstand edition. That kind of got her into comics as well.

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