Things I Like and Don’t Like for the Week of June 12th, 2019

It’s that time again, where I tell you what’s really grinding my gears for the week of June 12th, 2019.

Some weeks it’s mostly likes, other weeks it’s dislikes.


So what’s grinding my gears this week?

Silver Surfer is Back

I’m really looking forward to the new Silver Surfer Black series.

I’m not to excited about Tradd Moore’s interior artwork (sorry, just not the style I really enjoy for comics) but I’m really looking forward to some more Silver Surfer stories.

I know it’s a mini-series but I hope it opens up more ongoing series because Silver Surfer deserves more story in the Marvel Universe.

Deadly Class and Happy! TV Shows Canceled

SyFy has canceled both.

Deadly Class just wrapped up it’s first season and won’t return for a second. But the news claims they’re (Sony) shopping it around for another network to pick up. Maybe there’s a chance the comics heat back up as it seems the prices are now tanking. Perhaps now is the time to buy when prices hit their lows as they could jump back up if another network picks up the show.

The same news goes for Happy! as well. Ending it’s second season, is being shopped around. Happy! was only a 4 issue mini-series so going two seasons I think is an accomplishment.

I haven’t watched any of the Deadly Class yet as I was trying to catch up on reading the issues first. As for Happy!, I loved season 1 and I had all of season 2 on the DVR, planning to binge watch the season all at once.

I’m hoping Happy! at a minimum gets picked up. It certainly set itself apart as original and creative for me.

NYCC Limited Artist Alley Booths

I get it, Javits center is under construction (seems like it’s been under construction for years) and there are limited spaces for artist alley this year but I’m sure something could be done to accommodate the artists and creators who have been going to NYCC for years to not get entirely shunned by Reed Pop.

Last year there was so much space allocated just for the signing area for the celebrities finding a hard time finding acting jobs, I swear everything I walked past the area it seemed 80% of the space was empty.

Maybe you can allow artists and creators to setup tables there, so those waiting in line to get their favorite Power Ranger 8×10 signed photograph can check out some cool creator own art while standing in line.

I’m sure something could be done but we all know why they’ll shut out the lesser known artists before trying to come up with a real solution, these artists do not make Reed Pop any money.

Anyone going to NYCC? I’d love to see how many CHU readers are planning to attend.

Venom Hotz Covers

The more I look at this new Venom #15 cover, the better it gets. I just really do appreciate Kyle Hotz artwork. We need more Hotz covers.

Venom #15

That’s all I got this week. Tell us what’s grinding your gears this week by leaving a comment or starting your own on the forums.

15 thoughts on “Things I Like and Don’t Like for the Week of June 12th, 2019”

    1. Most certainly. I just can’t really get into it. I don’t totally dislike it though, it’s not horrible but yeah, certainly an acquired taste.

  1. I’ll be in attendance as always. Shouting you out from Ubers like last year!! LOL. This time I’m going to make it to the booth

  2. I remember reading somewhere that Deadly class was renewed for season 2. The first 5 episodes were great and moved according to the books. I had stopped reading the series at 15 so I don’t know if it correlated after that. The series was goo until the final 2 then began to drag. Time to sell #1 9.8 i guess.Well happy was over anyway. Season 2 was off the hook!!

    1. Yes, picks come out Tuesday. If your looking for Anthony’s weekly video, thats usually Sunday or Monday nights. Lately he’s been bogged down with life stuff.

  3. After 10 or so consecutive years, I’m bailing on NYCC. It’s the same thing year over year. I was always hoping it would grow and attract bigger movie/tv celebs. It never did. RICC does 10x better with autograph opportunities (though not even close for comics creators) Its just… how many Walking Dead panels can you see?

    1. I’ve never even messed with the celebrity signings or the panels (unless it’s comic related). I have zero desire to stand in line to meet and greet a celebrity, then get their autograph for way too much money.

      1. Are there any “past” celebrities that charge north of $50 and have a line? By past I mean they aren’t actively working in a high profile series or movie.

        1. I have no idea. I never even bother with the celebrities at Cons.. unless they’re doing a panel cause they were on a big Marvel or DC movie, the celebrities down in the celebrity hall seem to be all the celebrities that can’t seem to get steady work in the filming industry.. Hate to sound like a downer but come on.. I’m not going to stand in line to get Dean Cain’s autograph.. let alone pay for it. 😉

  4. I always get the Deadly Class and Umbrella Academy shows mixed up. Tomayto Tomahto. Naturally, the series I have more issues of is the one to tank lol. At least I got that dumb FCBD UA issue.

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