Things I Like and Don’t Like for the Week of June 19th, 2019

It’s that time again, where I tell you what’s really grinding my gears for the week of June 19th, 2019.

Some weeks it’s mostly likes, other weeks it’s dislikes.


So what’s grinding my gears this week?

Silver Surfer Director’s Cut Too Soon And Too Much

It’s $7.99 and it’s gonna hit stands on June 26th. The director’s cut includes not only the scripts and concept art but the regular book as well. Thanks Marvel, perhaps with the digital code on the first book you can just include the script and concept art as a bonus instead of doubling the price of the book after most have already paid for it.

Talk about a total cash grab. I’m sure the second print will follow soon after (I know, because you can pre-order the Silver Surfer Black #1 (3rd Printing) already. How many copies of the same book do we all need to own? Apparently Marvel thinks we should keep paying money for the same book we likely already own multiple times over.

Thanks but no thanks. I’m sure a year or two from now I can grab the deluxe hardcover edition that includes the entire series and director’s cut stuff for $19.99 or so. Good things come to those who are patient.

Also, don’t forget there’s my giveaway going on for a signed copy for the first winner and then 2 other lucky random winners will win a copy of the Adi Granov Comicspro variant.

I think I give away more comics nowadays than sell. Shutting Down

Not totally comic related but definitely pop culture related, is shutting down and moving all it’s online presence to it’s parent company, GameStop.

I didn’t shop there that often but I have ordered from them before in the past. The physical shops will remain open though.

This is a bummer but the nice thing we’re getting out of this, they’re having a 50% off site wide sale with free shipping. Better hurry, looks like most things are already gone.

Shazam! Who Laughs

Okay, I like the idea of an evil Shazam!, I just hope they don’t actually call the character Shazam Who Laughs after the Batman Who Laughs character.

Likely making his debut in the upcoming Batman Superman #1 issue and making his a cover art appearance on issue #2. Could be a cool new character and villain. I do like the way he’s depicted on the issue #2 cover art that was promoted by Joshua Williamson on twitter.

A big thanks to Alana for inspiring this and the Silver Surfer directors cut likes and dislikes.

These are the things grinding my gears this week. Tell us what’s grinding yours here or on the forums.

22 thoughts on “Things I Like and Don’t Like for the Week of June 19th, 2019”

    1. Does it? I saw you could apply free shipping while they also waive shipping on orders over $50 as well. If they remove it from anything on sale, well poo on them..

  1. Every shop around here still has plenty of copies of SSB#1, the crappy art seems to turn off potential buyers. Allred wasn’t a good fit for Surfer and neither is Moore.
    Idk if “Evil Shazam” can top Captain Marvel in Kingdom Come, I know he was brainwashed by Mr Mind and not technically “evil” but he was as badass as anyone.
    Here’s what grinds my gears this week…
    Shops that were “sold out” of the new issue of Walking Dead on release day but now have a stack of them for $15 each. I wanted some blanks but if I’m going to pay ebay prices, I’ll just go on ebay and buy blank #109’s with the better logo.
    Paying extra for CGC “fast track” grading and having it take longer than if I did it without FT.
    People making laughable lowball offers on ebay for hot books. Yeah sure dude, no copies have sold for under $75 but I’ll sell it to you for $30. GTFO

    1. I can see Moore’s art turning away some potential buyers of the new Silver Surfer.

      Sadly it wasn’t Allred who turned me away from the last series, it was Slott. I’d take Cates + Allred over Cates and Moore… Could you image if it was Slott and Moore though?

      I despise the unrealistic low ball offers too.. If it’s a hot book and they offer less than half the going price, I just deny and then ban them. I don’t waste time with those types myself. They’re the types that would probably “have issues” with the book if they did end up buying it.

      Shops playing the secondary market game on release day need to close their Diamond account and stand in line like the rest of us I say..

      1. Buying Silver Surfer more for Moore’s art than for “The Donny”. I understand that his art isn’t to everyone’s taste but it’s one of the best selling titles out this week. Gotta believe people aren’t just buying the book — and 2nd printing and director’s cut — for the writing and not for the “crappy” art.
        Tangentially, when del Mundo debuted on Thor many found his art challenging and the numbers dropped by about half from the issues featuring Dauterman. Make of that what you will.

  2. Was going to order Immortal Hulk #20 Alex Ross SDCC 2019 Exclusive Cover for 15.00 but they want 13 dollars plus to ship.To much i think thats crazy ,i didn’t order.

        1. Well, I hope you were t trying to get the special Hulk #1 homage variant unsigned as it is now sold out and approaching $100 on eBay…flipping that would have more than reimbursed your shipping.

  3. I just want to B cover…but sold out. Dammit, same thing happened wih Tec 1000 and you see where that went…

  4. You know what grinds my gears…when I see posts that have the tone that the organizers and moderators aren’t doing enough as far as content or timeliness.

  5. The Midtown Comics “new” website STILL grinds my gears. Granted I only use it to see what the new releases are, but it’s awful. When you click on a specific book, you don’t always get a full glimpse of the storyline…and I haven’t figured out how to get the remaining description. Also, it’s impossible to use the back button to get where you were on the new release list…you have to re-scroll from wherever it brings you back every time. Uugghh! Any one have a better option for the weekly new releases list that also shows you pics of the covers?

      1. I’m confused…just tried to read the description for Pearl #10 out this week…but it is truncated…how do you see the rest?

        And do you have the same issue with using the back button…it brings you some random place in the new release listing instead of where you were…?

  6. …and that is more user-friendly so that you don’t have to constantly re-navigate where you have already been?

    1. I abandoned the midtown website. I use their app now. Much faster and easier to navigate, although still not what it once was.

      I only go back to the web where the app is limited in searching or content.

  7. Hi Birdman,
    Midtown Comics here! Our new site has a couple of items like this that we’re still working on, please bear with us and forgive the tardiness. When browsing the New Release list, if you want to see storylines, please click on the title, not the cover image. This will bring up the product page for the item (instead of the modal popup). We are working on a solution for the back button, but in the meantime we recommend opening the product pages in a new tab in your browser, that way when you close it, the New Release list will still be open where you left it. All will be smoothed out shortly. Thank you!

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