12 thoughts on “New Comic Spec Review for 7/10/19”

      1. Is he dating anyone? My first thought was that it would be something to do with the new King Thor look but with Jane Foster becoming Valkyrie maybe it’s a wedding cover for Thor and Jane getting hitched after 55 years or so. Only 14- 16 hours or so until UPS gets here.

        1. I’ve seen this around a couple places today.

          Not sure what’s classified about it other than Mjoliners back which they didn’t want to leak prior to WOR ending.

  1. They didn’t do anything special or world breaking for MMPR 40 as was expected so maybe Rangers 21 will be the one they blow up this time with something unexpected. Rangers 20 only had 8784 copies for May according to Comichron so it’s a good one to see jump with a likely low print run for 21. WOR Omega it would be nice but I expect they’re alluding to Loki back, Jane Foster as Valkyrie and King Thor. Expect a much bigger print run than the Rangers book.

      1. https://www.previewsworld.com/Catalog/MAY198053

        I missed this cover initially but it appears Diamond has them in stock right now. There’s an A and B Cover still in stock at Diamond right now. A Cover ordered in quantities of 6 to 10 usually gets a mix in variant included for one of the A’s also so probably 4 covers if they keep that trend going.

        1. I only received 3 covers on 21. All centered on Scott. I’m debating on reordering more with the new ranger coming. eBay hasn’t blown up with it though so I’m on the fence.

          1. I must admit, I’m not a Power Ranger fan. I just don’t bother with them myself. It’s such a niche market and when they do blow up, it only lasts as long as Old Faithful’s eruption in Yellowstone…

  2. I just noticed Wonder Twins got doubled from 6 issues to 12 issues now!!!!!!! Nothing spec but a fun read so far.

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