Things I Like and Don’t Like for the Week of July 10th, 2019

It’s that time again, where I tell you what’s really grinding my gears for the week of July 10th, 2019.

Some weeks it’s mostly likes, other weeks it’s dislikes.


So what’s grinding my gears this week?

Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things is back for it’s 3rd season. I don’t watch too much TV or binge too many shows on Netflix or other streaming services but this one is an exception for me and the family.

I haven’t started watching it yet as we’ve been out of town for the 4th so we’ll likely start binge watching it this week. Maybe until then, I’m really thinking about pulling the trigger for the new LEGO set that came out a month or so back (especially since there’s currently double VIP points for all purchases that ends today).

Stranger Things makes me happy. So do LEGO’s.

Unearth Finally Unearthed

I’ve been waiting for this book Unearth to finally debut. I got an advanced digital preview copy and it’s just a great read.

Unearth #1 (Cover A – Rivas)

SERIES PREMIERE! When a flesh-warping disease ravages a remote village in Mexico, a scientific task force travels to the inhospitable area to investigate the contamination.

Tracing the source of the disease to a nearby cave system, the team discovers a bizarre, hostile ecosystem and a supernatural revelation from which they may never escape.

This new subterranean nightmare is brought to you by writers CULLEN BUNN (REGRESSION) and KYLE STRAHM (SPREAD), and rising-star artist BALDEMAR RIVAS!

If you’re a fan of Spread and Enormous, this one is right up your alley I think. I just can’t wait for the next issue to see where it continues.

Wednesday Winners

When was the last time we had so many winners in a two week time span? From Marvel Comics Presents #6 to Canto #1. Then we saw an abrupt ending to the Walking Dead in issue #193 after Ricks Death (I give Kirkman some due credit for that one). We saw a surprise winner out of TMNT #95 with a new character. Then we saw another Zombie book pay tribute to Stan Lee that turned a $5 book into a $60 book.

Seems we were in a bit of a lull there until the past few weeks when it comes to winners coming out of the new Wednesday books.

Hopefully we keep getting some future winners and suprise winners in the comic weeks going into con season.

That’s all  I got this week. What’s grinding your gears? Tell us here or on the forums.

18 thoughts on “Things I Like and Don’t Like for the Week of July 10th, 2019”

  1. I like the women repeat World Cup champions.

    I don’t like losing to Mexico ever…but especially in the Gold Cup finals.

    1. I’m not a huge football (and yes, I don’t call it soccer cause it’s football. Only we Americans would invent a game that is predominantly played using our hands and call it foot ball) fan but I did watch the end of the Women’s Cup.. which was pretty cool to see them win it all again.

  2. What grind my gears this week is I lost my job and SDCC is around the corner. I was going to take $3K to buy and flip, now I am going to play it safe and take $500-$1K. After 9 years being with this company, my ex boss came at me with a and I quote, “I don’t give a F@#& about you, I don’t give a F@#& about your wife, and I don’t give a F@#& about your kids, you work for me and my company” I just left that day with him having to deal with 3- $50K+ projects. I rather be happy with my family then working for a douchebag of a boss.

    I still got you on that Canto book Poyo. So don’t worry about that lol.

    All in all, I’ve been spending time with my boys and I am taking my youngest fishing today since the oldest is still in school. I already got some interviews this week so hopefully everything goes good.

    1. I applaud you in standing up for you and your family. Life and family always first. No one should work for a boss that doesn’t appreciate them as an employee. I myself would always rather be broke and happy than get a paycheck and be miserable. You can always make more money at any job, you can’t replace the memories of spending time with the family and kiddos.. those are priceless and the only things you take with you after your short life on this organic spaceship soaring through the Universe.. 😉

      Job market is just too good right now, you’ll likely land a job in no time. Know your worth and walk into any interview as if you’re interviewing them, not them interviewing you. Confidence in yourself is the best way to land a job. Employers need you more than you need them.

      Oh and yeah, if you can grab a Canto for me, I got you covered… either it’s $$, NYCC goodies, etc…

    2. Hang in there! I was laid off after 8 years with a company last August. My daughter was 11 months old at the time. Started a new job 2 months later and all is good. Those 2 months were rough though. Never had so much self-doubt and loathing. Luckily had a little nest egg but those thoughts of having to start selling off the collection and other possessions kept creeping in. Like Poyo says, job market is great, and you’ll likely land somewhere better! I certainly did.

      1. Also, every time I’ve been laid off myself, I always found a better job as well.

        I never panic though. If and when I lose a job and my nest egg is small, always cut out the stuff you don’t necessarily need like streaming services, cable tv, etc.

        1. Thanks Poyo and Mike.

          Yeah working for a person like that is no good. To tell you that it took me forever to convince him to give me Sunday’s off for my boys Tee-Ball. I told him if he would schedule me, I wouldn’t show up. After a while he got the hang of it. Once he said that to me, that was it I had to leave.

          A NYCC exclusive sounds like a fair trade for the Canto lol.

          Thanks guys!!!

    3. I don’t think you lost your job, your job and boss lost you.

      Good for you to recognize a bad situation and move past it. No one should be treated that way or feel the job comes before family.

      I hope that you find a new and better job sooner than later to officially put all that bad mojo behind you!

      1. Very well said Anthony. I’ve been at my job for 19 years and I still hear stories of “we got a divorce because I worked too much” always makes me sick. We will all be forgotten 3 seconds after you leave your job.

  3. I get it when a series is rebooted at #1, the annuals also start over with renumbering at #1 to follow suit.

    What I don’t get is when the series is ongoing series yet it gets a second annual #1, and in the case of Venom less than a year after the first annual #1!

    Marvel has officially ceased to care about legacy numbering and will put whatever number will likely sell the most copies. Even if it means publishing multiple #1s in the same series or skipping ahead to a milestone that makes no sense (like 1000 or 1001 or 1,000,000). Why wait?

    1. I tend to skip most if not all annuals. They’re just filler books and cash grabs. It’s an easy way to charge a few extra dollars for a few extra pages.

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