Walmart EXCLUSIVE TMNT Black and White Comic 4-Pack – ToyBoxOne.Com has posted a new Wal-Mart Exclusive pack for TMNT that comes with a exclusive reprint of #1 from the original comic book series.

Tyson B. from TBO posted this and made us aware of this really cool action figure pack with exclusive comic.



8 thoughts on “Walmart EXCLUSIVE TMNT Black and White Comic 4-Pack – ToyBoxOne.Com”

  1. Help me out here…what’s the significance of black and white turtles with red bandannas?

    I need to get out my hardcover of the first 6 books…been a long while since I read them.

      1. Maybe, but then shouldn’t the bandannas all be grey tone?

        I wonder if the comic is the oversized or normal comic size. If it’s oversized that’d be cool.

          1. Doesn’t matter what size it is.. the real challenge is finding one in NM type condition. I’m pretty sure most comics that come in these action figure packages are always beat to hell..

            1. original series was in black and white but when they started printing color covers they all wore red. the series even ended with the story arc city at war fighting the shredders daughter. same arc currently with a few changes lol

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