Paper Girls Picked Up by Amazon

Just read the news from that Paper Girls has been picked up by Amazon with a series commitment.

Get those Paper Girls #1 out and ready, if you haven’t picked these up, do it soon before they jump in price.

At time of writing, you can find Paper Girls #1 at Midtown for a small premium of $10 currently.

I’m not sure if Deadline was first to report this but it’s the first site I read reporting this news.

13 thoughts on “Paper Girls Picked Up by Amazon”

    1. I saw that as well. I just don’t know anymore if I can trust buying from Amazon. It is so hit and miss. I have about two sellers I know will take care of things but other than that it is a complete crap shoot. Last book I bought was rolled up like a newspaper and shipped that way. Prior to that, a Pearl #1 was just shipped in a white large envelope.

        1. Yup. Amazon goes for customer service first.. I don’t see many hobbyists using Amazon to sell like eBay where a return really bites you in the butt cause you can lose more than make. Amazon I’d imagine is businesses who can lose a little more if they can’t properly protect the goods..

        2. Be careful about this. Amazon is notoriously for outright canceling user accounts if you meet some mysterious unpublished threshold for returns. And you have no appeal process. They decide to cancel your account and you are simply banned, instantly losing all your Kindle purchases and any other digital content you “own” from them.

          Most users won’t ever hit the threshold, because most users won’t ever return more than 2% of their packages, much less 5% or 10%. But the threshold is there and the consequences are brutal.

          1. Well, makes sense. If a person returns X amount of things they buy, sounds like they’re abusing the merchants so they should be banned if you ask me.

  1. I was disappointed in this series, especially coming from Vaughn. As a TV show, however, it could really work. It’s basically Stranger Things with a predominantly female cast and time travel.

  2. I’ve enjoyed Paper Girls, sometimes have some trouble putting together all the plot threads though. Not sure if this is a narrative problem or just because I’m a dullard. I’ve been reading the individual issues monthly as they come out, perhaps a re-read would help me out. Too many ongoing narratives in comics, books and TV shows I consume to keep them all straight. I know it wastes a page but sometimes I need that “The story so far…” summary at the beginning of a comic to keep it all straight in my head.

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