An Excellence Giveaway – CHU Flash Style

This is yet another CHU flash giveaway, an Excellence giveaway. I’ve been trying to giveaway books that have recently gone hot from media options or just pure awesomeness.

So up for grabs is a copy of Excellence.

The stinking rules:

1. One entry per person by commenting here on the main CHU site, in this articles comments section.
2. One winner will be randomly selected, it’s open until 18:00 CDT time. That’s 6PM Central time.
3. Winner agrees if international to chip in for shipping costs or it goes to next randomly drawn entrant.
4. Winners will be announced in the comments here and by email, so make sure you check back or use a valid email address in your comment.
5. The winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize or we select another winner.

Good luck!

80 thoughts on “An Excellence Giveaway – CHU Flash Style”

  1. Definitely in for this…great new series that has “optioned” written all over it!!

  2. Are there other issues in this series that are worth picking up or is it just issue 1? Thanks!
    Clint Edwards

      1. Well, that makes sense. I was certain that I saw issue of a series of the same title while digging last week, but it must have been something similar. Thanks!!

  3. In the immortal words, of Reggie- former President of Nintendo of America…” My body is ready!”. Thanks ! Mike Johnson

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