Powers of X #3 – Secret Variant Reveal

So Powers of X #3 has a secret variant. Here it is, revealed so you know what to look for.

The secret variant cover (already a $20+ book on eBay):

The normal cover looks like this:

Edited: To fix the cover image confusion on which is which. If in doubt and you see both at the local shop tomorrow, buy both to be sure. 😉

18 thoughts on “Powers of X #3 – Secret Variant Reveal”

  1. The one we got the most of is the one you’re calling the secret variant. 6 out of every 7 is that one. Either we lucked out or the pictures are swapped.

      1. Rasputin and Cardinal are on the 1:100 virgin cover, so I’d imagine they’re on the regular cover. Plus, Nightcrawler and Magick aren’t in the book.

  2. To make things ever more confusing, the Blue Nightcrawler cover is listed in Diamond when you do a search on the image, which is probably where Midtown pulled their image for their website.

    1. I ordered that cover from midtown and if i get the other im gonna raise hell just cause i can. Marvel has the other image up and thats what people are saying is correct. I ordered 5 thinking i was getting illiana and nightcrWler and got all 5 of these rasputin and other on it. I thought i hit the jackpot. Guess im wrong.

    1. Agreed. I know the site has a disclaimer (for months now) stating that there are shipping delays, but it’s ridiculous. I placed an order 10 days ago and it still hasn’t been shipped. It shouldn’t even take 10 days to receive it, but it hasn’t even been packed and shipped lol. Probably gonna switch until they figure it out.

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