Spoilers: Powers of X #3

Powers of X #3 continues Jonathan Hickman’s rewrite and reboot of the X-Men. I think some were skeptical but this and House of X have surprised readers, selling out and getting multiple printings.

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Hickman Sending Out Cryptic Messages

Seems Hickman is doing some cryptic messaging. That’s Jonathan Hickman for those new to the comic book world. This is the man responsible for getting Marvel to cancel all ongoing X-Men titled books before his new Powers of X #1 and House of X #1 hit store shelves.

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Things I Like and Dislike for the Week of March 27th, 2019

It’s that time again, where I tell you what’s really grinding my gears for the week of March 27th, 2019.

Some weeks it’s mostly likes, other weeks it’s dislikes.

So what’s grinding my gears this week?

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