One Week Later Report for August 21st, 2019

Welcome once again to the another installment of the One Week Later Report. This week we’ll cover the books released on 08/14/2019.

Hopefully this report helps anyone reading while picking out new books at the local shops for things to keep a look out for.

Xena Warrior Princess #5 David Mack Virgin is sold out at most online retailers and surprisingly doesn’t have any listed or solds on eBay, at least from a quick search.

Could be a must for any Mack fan and possibly hard to find as I don’t see Xena having a lot of subscribers. This one was just an honorable mention.

Captain Marvel #9 sold out at most online retailers and didn’t do too bad on some sales.

Reaching as high as $12 or so, with a few sold listings around the $10 range, things have settled to just buck or so over cover if you’re lucky. Star has already made her first appearances, these are just pickups if you like Captain Marvel and for the long haul.

Plus, it’s just refreshing we got Mark Brooks doing the covers now for Captain Marvel. Smart move Marvel, should have started him off on issue #1, first full appearance of Ripley Ryan who is Star.

Powers of X #2 is now a solid $10 to $15 book right now.

These Hickman books are on fire, people are eating them up.

Can it keep this up for the entire mini-series for both House and Powers of X? Maybe it’s time we just start throwing these in the pull or subscribe folder just so you don’t miss out. I can’t recall the last book that I can’t even find back issues with no real importance other than the story within in from Marvel.

Once & Future #1 is the new Gillen and Mora book from BOOM! that started out pretty hot.

Selling out really quickly online, the SDCC exclusive started out as a $200 flip. Not too shabby for those that picked those up at the convention.

Lots of variants, lots of sold listings, 450 or so at time of writing with over 400 still active across all cover variants. Hope no one paid $200 (someone did from Midtown) for the 1 per store variant that is selling on average of around $50 or so.

The regular cover is a $15 book on a good day. Too many to really dig into averages as the prices are all over. Most people seem to be listing their around the $10 to $15 still. If you found some, might be a hold for the long term gamble instead of quick flip as there are a lot of choose from, you’d have to really cut your price to make the quick sale.

The Watcher #1 did quite well for a Zenescope book, which rarely heat up on release day, at least in my experience.

Sets of cover A and B were selling for $30. Not bad if you found these for cover and flipped. My primary go-to local shop doesn’t even bother with Zenescope books.

That’s it for this weeks one week later report. What did you pick up, flip, holding for the long term gamble? Tell us here or in the forums.

15 thoughts on “One Week Later Report for August 21st, 2019”

  1. My shop doesn’t carry Zenscope for the most part. I think he said they ordered only two copies of the Watcher. Print run has to be pretty low I would think.

    1. They are still in stock at Zenescope. But you have to pay sales tax regardless of your state and their shipping cost is a killer

  2. “I can’t recall the last book that I can’t even find back issues with no real importance other than the story within in from Marvel.“

    Immortal Hulk early issues (3-8 mainly).

  3. I ordered Watcher 1A and 1B from Zenescope but they sent 2 copies of 1A….must have sold out of B.
    My LCS doesn’t carry Zenescope so I ordered a couple other things for Sept and Oct from them that sound pretty good.
    Really liked the Capt Marvel covers, especially the 80th anniv one.
    Once and Future still in stock a week later at my LCS. I have 2, but that wonders if I should bother with more… The only guy in front of me in line last week at opening made a beeline for the incentive section and grabbed the thank you copy 🙁
    Thinking of Flipping the X #2 Connecting Variants.

  4. Diamond has all 3 covers for watcher in stock right now. I just ordered A and B Covers and had the order filled even though it shows they’re on back order if you don’t actually click thru and order them. The $10 Blank Cover is showing full green triangle in stock right now but is $10. Powers of X #2 is an $8 comic at mycomicshop so far so that’s just barely above the $5 cover price. I have a shelf full of copies still at cover since it’s not enough to worry with marking up yet until mcs sells out and the price gets to $10 or higher consistently. #3 they’ve already sold out of and appears to now be parking in the $10 range plus shipping if you aren’t picking up in person. #1 just isn’t getting any above cover love it seems.

  5. You didn’t mention Superman 14 and Supergirl 33 for those of us who found them, they’ve heated up nicely.

  6. powers&house of x are monsters.heating up back issues as hickman is the new dollar box whisper as is Donny cates. and poyo like people really destroyed those super books??lol I am also stocking up my city of bane &inmortal hulk stuff love you guys blind adam out

  7. House of X #3 going to a second print even before the second drops. Do you think the x men heat carries over to the spin-off books Excalibur and Marauders when they drop in October or is it just the Hickman touch?

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