DC’s “Year of the Villain: Hostile Takeover” Acetate Covers

Wonder Woman #82 gets a nice Cheetah cover. Poor Diane, all tied up!

Justice League #35 has it so Lex wins it all!

Harley Quinn #67 makes Harley a bit more Harly-er.

Red Hood Outlaw #40 I think has a pretty cool cover as well.

Batman and the Outsiders #7 is probably in the top 3 of what I think are the better covers out of these.

Crush is coming right at us in this Teen Titans #36 acetate cover.

Justice League Dark #17 gets a really nice DCeased type of cover.

Justice League Odyssey #15

Aquaman #54 has a pretty cool Black Manta that appears to have pummeled

Action Comics #1017 isn’t one of the better ones if you ask me but DC is trying to make this a big issue by saying it’s Bendis and Romita Jr. teaming up with what they say is one of the biggest creator reunions ever.

Batgirl #41 is the last on the list with a pretty cool looking Oracle cover.

Remember, these books are slated for a November release but FOC is this coming Monday, September 9th. So get your orders in, these will only have a first printing as acetate covers to my knowledge. Additional printings will not have the Acetate covers.

Tell us which one is your favorite in the comments or in the forums.

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23 thoughts on “DC’s “Year of the Villain: Hostile Takeover” Acetate Covers”

    1. Hey look, there u are BJ !!! How did i beat you to this? Usually u are all over these types of things …… wait .. did you get a girlfriend??!?!?

      Ok serious mode.

      The way they word it and it being on FOC this monday, makes me think that come octobers FOC date this will be offered again but as a 2nd print (standard paper cover). Will this make the acetate covers rare as retailers arent even thinking about FOC yet ? What are your thoughts on this BJ , Larry ?

      1. It certainly makes it sound like that. I think there will be acetate covers and regular covers. Seems awfully early to have a FOC on covers this Monday when the books ship in November.

      2. SMH……..the acetate covers ARE the regular covers. FOC is early because of the time and process of making the covers.

        1. Yes. They are the regular covers. But does this early foc make this a first print and second print situation. How many retailers are looking at this so early in the initial order phase (serious question as i dont know)

            1. The Acetate Covers were ordered by Shops in the August Previews. Normally they would be ordered by shops in the September previews. That gives them an extra month to process the orders. Additionally, the FOC is in September (9/9 for Batman #82), for a book due on 11/6, basically 7 weeks out instead of 3. I’m pretty sure all the first printing A covers will be Acetate, based on the requirements.

              In the past, if there was a printing problem, allocations would occur, with no adjustment to the other covers for that issue. Let me tell you how much fun that was back in the day of New 52.

              1. You’re right, they were in August previews but they weren’t being solicited as Acetate covers to my knowledge (someone correct me if I’m wrong), so shops were likely ordering them thinking they were regular stock covers, not acetate covers.

  1. From my perspective, when looking at them for the August Previews, I did figure it out, but that was because they were listed separately from the regular AUgust Previews orders, and they were listed separately and ordering 3 Batman issues in one month is weird. We also order all A covers from previews and make adjustments for B covers on the FOC.

    My two concerns are going to be titles I don’t order heavy on in the first place, and allocation.

  2. HOW did last years foils do?
    or the 2nd year of 3d covers (futures end) ?

    is anyone even following year of the villain ?

    1. I’m not ordering any. The lenticular covers from the Nu52 era didnt sell well. Im not expecting this one’s to either.

    1. The first Lenticular Covers did extremely well for us. The Foil and second round of Lenticulars didn’t. I figure just order the normal amount for the series and since the Acetate Cvrs are $1 cheaper, order more of them over the Cover B cardstock.

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