New Walmart Marvel Variants Hit Shelves

These snuck up on us because we have been checking Diamond for the next batch of Walmart Marvel Variants to hit the listings but hadn’t seen them, then my friend Christian G. hit me up on Facebook to let me know the new batch was in stores. Here is what is on the shelves now and which is the one to grab.

First up is Strikeforce #1 with a color swap logo on a Mike Deodato cover. There are currently none on eBay so it could be first to market to make sales.

Spider-Man #1 by JJ Abrams also got a Walmart Color Swap Logo Variant. These are being listed in the $25 range

Ghost Rider #1 also gets a logo change. The Walmart cover has a no-flame logo. These have been listed at auction for $12-$15.

King Thor #1 gets a new cover. There is only one listed on eBay starting at $14.99.

Spider-Verse #1 is the best of the bunch. It features a new cover that has the first appearance and first cover appearance of Spider-Zero. They are selling in the $15-$25 range



20 thoughts on “New Walmart Marvel Variants Hit Shelves”

        1. Are the comics inside always the same? I’m not sure they are, but I think typically the variant cover is on the outside then they throw in some random issues that didn’t sell out on the inside.

          Looking forward to seeing what’s inside. I think we should all share what we find on the forums (start a new thread for Walmart variants).

          Hoping to get out today to search…dependent on the wife at the moment.

  1. My Walmart’s are always the last to get anything…and the thought of flipping anything quickly out of the question.

    So it wasn’t a surprise to not find any of the new multi-packs when I stopped in today.

    Better than seeing all packs except the one I’m after, i suppose. Still hope.

  2. Picked up 3 spider verse, 2 Spider-Man, 2 ghost rider, and 1 King Thor…love that cover! Flipping others and sitting on some….

  3. Cleaned out two walmarts who had 3 each of spiderverse and spiderman so those 12 and then grabbed 1 ghost rider and 1 strikeforce. Cant wait to see the surprises inside (venom?)

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