Wednesday Open Forum


Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 269th edition of the open forum!

And the final one of the year. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year.

Things have been crazy for me as of late as I recently moved, about a week before Christmas, and everything has been in storage and in limbo since before thanksgiving. But now we are in the new house!

I missed doing the CHU Black Friday this year because of the move and having everything boxed up and sitting on a truck waiting for the move. Anyway, if you are interested, I put up some variants and exclusives for fairly cheap, you can find them here if you are interested.

Did you know we have the forum up and running, you can check it out at the official CHU Forum site, go over and sign up.

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

22 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

    1. Most likely was 12:00 here. Had 20 plus people in my house. None of the guys were comic guys but when they saw my basement all turned into instant nerd boys. If not from the comics, or the horror toys, then from the punk memorabilia.

  1. Did anyone see in marvel Previews for March they’ll be creating a facsimile of Thor 229, only because it has an add that shows a preview of wolverine props to Hulk 180 release date!

    What’s next? A facsimile of Foom #2 with the fan sketch/wolverine prototype.

      1. Facs it, Marvel!

        I just think it’s ridiculous that of all the great comics they could Facsimile, they’re choosing Thor 229 because of an add…

        At least they are releasing a True Believers reprint of ASM 14…Long overdue…

  2. It’s funny, I didn’t even think about it but I was out of town at my parents and the 2nd and Charles had al this week’s new releases out on Saturday

    1. Yeah…my LCS had them out yesterday. I believe both last week and this week got shipped together because I’d the holidays….some people must saw that as an ok to put them out early (?). Or maybe some shops close for New Years Day and they wanted to get the books to customers on the day before.

      Whatever…there wasn’t anything particularly hot this week for normal ratios so I got my pull books a day early.

      1. From what I was told, retailers were not allowed to set out books early if closed on New Years.. only those who were doing the Midnight Launch Parties were allowed and then again, that’s on release day anyways.

      1. Didn’t say it was right…but it saved me a trip back. 😁

        I would have just asked him to hold the books for me anyway if he wouldn’t sell them to me. I’m guessing being a very small out of the way shop only regulars likely came in on New Years Eve.

  3. What’s everyone grabbing this week anyway?

    I got Batman Beyond 39B (title is on my pull list) and True Believers ASM #14 (x2….wish they’d make this a facsimile).

  4. Got a few copies of both covers of the BB from TFAW coming.
    LCS was in rare form today.
    Got Tarot 1:50 for $30
    Got Scalera silver surfer 1:25 Thor for cover
    Got Star Wars Bartel Leia 1:50 for $20
    Again, rare to get these kind of deals/steals.

  5. Golden Apple Comics shady dealings. Pre ordered TMNT #100 1:50 one and a half months in advance. On December 10th they listed the order as fulfilled. USPS currently shows that they haven’t received the item yet. On their site they are showing sold out of this issue at a price of $200. So I’m thinking they sold my copy to take advantage of FOMO. Seems pretty shady, I would avoid them.

    1. I have some back issues ordered as part of the TFAW 50-75% off sale they had before x-mas…they show up as shipped as of Dec 21st, but the tracking shows that USPS has not received them yet…

      Waiting to hear from TFAW on why that might be….did they fall off the truck on the way to USPS? These were in stock back issues…

      1. Actually, I just checked again and it was updated as going from departed from the west coast on 12/21 to being in Mass as of 6pm today….

        “Greetings: Your package experienced a delay while in transit to you. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Kindly allow an additional 24 – 48 hours for delivery. Thank you for your patience.”

        Do they typically use DHL? Man that is slow. It’s like they sent it by horseback…

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