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Our very own Mike_C  posted this over in the forums (which is in the Lounge that is reserved for higher level trust members, start hanging out in the forums more and you might get special access to behind the scenes talk a bit earlier, a perk of the forums) and I have to say, it’s a pretty good write up. Its just missing a few details.

Recently, Director Scott Derrickson left the project over “Creative Differences.” According to the rumor, Dr Strange 2 was going to be focused on the Scarlet Witch and her descent into madness. Unhappy with this creative direction, Derrickson pushed back and ultimately left.

While his initial hypothesis isn’t wrong, it just needs a little tweaking. So here are my thoughts on his speculation: While the film can revolve around Scarlet witch, the main protagonist can still be Nox. Nox would play off Scarlet witchs fears over the loss of Vision and we would get version 3 of Mike_C’s  speculation.  Tell us what you think. Below is the original post on the forums.

So its been awhile since i have posted, lots of family things going on. But I wanted to take time out for a minute to discuss the upcoming Dr Strange sequal. According to sources casting calls have gone out for 2 new roles in the movie :

30s-40s, Female. Open Ethnicity

30s-40s, Male. Black.

Looking at Dr Stranges long list of villains its hard to pinpoint who these will be, BUT with a little bit of reading between the lines and A LOT of speculation, we can narrow the choices down to several candidates. So lets begin!

  1. Eye Killers – Ok this is out there. but it makes complete sense. The Eye-Killers are a pair of brother and sister demons who could shapeshift into human form. They killed the boyfriend of one of [Wong] friends. Once empowered by the Darkhold, they took the form of large birds. They were able to suck the life essence from Clea, but Dr. Strange defeated them by sending them to another dimension. These guys are C list Villains at best, but they serve a purpose and can tie a lot of the MCU together IF Marvel is looking to bring Mephisto/Nightmare into the mix. The Duo is strong enough to be villains in a movie, but not strong enough to overshadow the greater Plot line. Look for their First appearance in Doctor Strange Vol 2 #38
  2. Nox and Yandroth – Crazy pair right? While not a typical Dr Strange villain, Nox has the potential of being a major adversary in the movie. She is a fear lord that travels the Multiverse. Defeating her would require help ( Enter the Scarlet Witch) . Yandroth on the other hand is B class villain. Yandroth was an alien humanoid scientist who fought Doctor Strange on several occasions. Strange defeated Yandroth, sending him to seemingly fall forever through an alternate dimension. Yandroth’s 1st App. is Strange Tales#164 While Nox is Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#31
  3. Option Three is a nice mix of both #1 and #2. We see Nox as being the big bad of the movie. Being from the multiverse she summons these 2 demons to fight Strange. Whats interesting is how Nox lines up in the Marvel Universe. Her back story re writes MCU history by saying that she is responsible for Pysco-mans pursuit of Fear ( Umm Multiverse/Quantum realm anyone?) . This theory ties in several marvel property’s and poses an interesting solution on how to bring several other marvel property’s into the fold. It sets up Both Ant-man AND Fantastic four as a team-up or meetup of some sort in the quantum realm. Of course this is all speculation and anything is bound to happen but right now, these are cheap speculations that could turn into a nice profit. Happy Hunting !

2 thoughts on “Speculation Corner: Dr Strange Multiverse of Madness”

  1. Good write up! A lot of what is written here makes sense. May not go that way in the films but I can see where you are coming from so ya never know. Good spec’n means everything needs to be looked at and these books are no exception.The Multiverse of Madness is one of the movies in the next phase I am looking forward to most of all! I would welcome some new villains big-time, but the big baddie I would like to see most is Shuma Gorath. I doubt we see him though, which really is a shame. Outside of that the books you mentioned are very inexpensive even in high grades. Not really even a gamble if you ask me. Good books for the pc at the very least. Take Strange Tales #164. Ungraded 9.0 to 9.2 copies can be found for $25 to $30 bucks! That’s pretty darn good for a fifty year old book with a first appearance regardless if the villian makes it in a movie or not. Just sayin

  2. If we’re going to get Clea, as many rumors claim, I think we’ll get a villain associated with her, either Dormammu again or maybe Umar. But I think the big bad will still be Nightmare. Not much says horror as much as a lord of nightmares lol.

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