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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 271st edition of the open forum!

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As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

30 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. I can’t remember a more quiet comic week, for me, in a long time. I typically will have anywhere from 5/6-15 readers on any given week. I have 3 this week.

    1. I bought 50 facsimile
      editions of hulk 180 to go with the 50 facsimile editions of hulk 181s I bought months ago. Selling 50 sets to collect to buy a major key. Or keys.

  2. I’m kinda digging the B variant of Niobe, and getting all 4 issues of Blood Realm Vol. 1, for $5, seems like a steal; maybe not investment-wise, but still, a very cool book to own.
    The other variant cover for Vampires Vs. Werewolves #4 might be better than Peach Momoko’s, and I really like her art work.
    Brian Haberlin might be the best artist in the biz, imho, right now. I was taking note, the other day, about how nice the wraparound cover of Sonata #7 (I think) is. The interior art is top-notch, as well. The Marked, what with all of the tattoos, and so-forth, is pretty masterful stuff, too, again, imho.
    Just trying to hit some points that I haven’t heard much about.
    Best of lux!

      1. Yeah, they are cool pin-up comics, by a great artist, with a decent story, so far. I got 1-4, on Ebay, signed, for $25 with free shipping. There were a couple (literally) of sets left, the last time I checked. Thanks, for the link, Anthony.

  3. quiet week.picking up the dollar comics batman adventures #12,flash#85 and a few maxx back issues froma d ollar box.loved the end to the crisis crossover like I said a quiet week love you guys blind adam out

  4. Boom’s Red Mother 2 has a secret variant this week. Red logo instead of white. Says “red variant” next to the barcode on the back.

      1. The Neca Ed209 is fully articulated, and stands about 10″ tall when his legs are fully extended. The torso moves up and down as well as swivels left and right. The arms are articulated at the elbow and shoulder and his cannons swivel on each firearm, and the detailing is incredible. It’s my new favourite toy, and I’m now actively seeking a Neca RoboCop 2012 series, with a fully operational gun holster leg. 🤖

  5. Bah! Web of venom 1:25 shows up as $42 at midtown! Was going to grab it at $25 or less. Can’t justify that price.

    No one advertised this 1:25…gonna fly under the radar…

      1. eBay yes, but very few places offered it. Never got a solicitation. Was not identified in marvel previews.

        And I wouldn’t say 5 sales and 4 listings is a lot by any means. If it were widely broadcast there would be more presales on the eBay and other online stores and the price likely closer to ratio.

        I didn’t find out about it about a month ago, but the couple of places that offered it were either sold out already or already charging $50+.

        Usually TFAW sells 1:25s, but never had a listing for it.

        Interesting how Midtown based their price what looks like one or two recent sales and what’s being asked for on eBay (usually they offer 1:25s at ratio minus discount the week prior….).

        Oh well. We’ll see what happens with this book.

          1. It’s written by Zac Thompson, it Cates….so I doubt Cates would want someone else to reveal anything big about he character he created while he’s still working with the character in his book….

          2. I generally enjoy Cates but yes, Venom is dragging on and on… count me in the crowd that doesn’t care anymore what happens with Dylan. Cates could just kill him off for shits and giggles, I’d be cool with that..

  6. Our reships for Incoming #1 came with a glossy card stock cover. Anyone know if that was on purpose or an error?

    We got 1 copy of the Weaver variant with the glossy cover too.

  7. First app fetus Starbrand … dont miss out. And a nice public service announcment. Dont speak ur mind in other peoples facebook groups or else u will get banned. friggin tool needs to learn to how to be original and not steal other peoples articles. Especially if they are going to charge people money.

  8. The only book I had on pull this week was Red Mother #2 and they held the secret variant for me…. None on shelf.
    Another cool thing was they had a bunch of Image trades they were throwing in for spending $50 or more so i grabbed Monstress volume 1 to finally get started on it.
    Kudos to my LCS

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