Speculation Corner: Spider-Man 3

Welcome to another round of Speculation Corner. Today we are receiving rumors that the production schedule and filming locations have been revealed for Spider-Man 3.

These locations are said to include Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, and Iceland.

Knowing the film locations might help us speculate on who we will get as the Villain. My money is on Kraven the Hunter. While that should come as no surprise to any of us, what is surprising is which Kraven actually shows up in the film. Let us dive into some details to speculate and theorize on the subject at hand.

Let’s review the villains found in the previous films.

In Homecoming, we got a mash up of the Ultimate Vulture who was featured with the best parts from Earth-616 and the Ultimate Universe. In Far from Home we got a mash up of Mysterio, like Vulture, we got another mix of both Earth-616 and Ultimate Universe from the main villain.

Now if we think about most of the other Marvel films, we come to a realization that they have also been blending the two Universes together. Can you see where this is leading? If you guessed a mix of Kraven from both universes then you are correct.

I am speculating that Kraven will be a mix of both Ultimate and Earth-616. My idea is Kraven will be a reality TV star as portrayed in the Ultimate Universe. He may already pose augmented strength and agility, or come into it in some form by serum. To gain more viewers or ratings, he will pitch the idea to hunt Spider-Man on live TV.

Where does this take the film? Further rumors and speculation surrounding Sony Pictures is that they are trying to make a Sinister Six movie. It makes perfect sense considering their success with the Anti-Hero Venom (and hopefully Morbius). Vulture has already popped up in the trailer for Morbius.

Now for the part where we mention notable First Appearances. Ultimate Kraven was first seen in Ultimate Spider-Man #16 . The first Appearance of the Ultimate Sinister Six ( without Vulture) was in the Ultimate Six #1-6 . First appearance with the Vulture was in Ultimate Spider-Man #156

For those that are Purest, Kraven had his first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #15 and the first appearance of the Sinister Six was in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1.

These are all just theories and speculation based on rumors. Remember to speculate wisely by using your own judgement when buying or selling. Please feel free to add to the discussion. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

4 thoughts on “Speculation Corner: Spider-Man 3”

  1. A Sony/Marvel-Disney cooperative Sinister Six movie would be a great way to introduce Spider-man to Venom… Unless they do that in Venom 2 with the Maximum Carnage story line. Regardless, I think it is a shoe in that we see Kraven on the big screen very soon. Just wish I up-graded my copies of AMS #15 and Annual #1 years ago when it was affordable to do so. Mine are beat up but I got them in the early 90’s when they were pretty much the price of a value meal.

      1. The ASM #15 really is’t all that bad…about a 2.5…the annual #1, well that one is beat up. Complete but beat up. A 1, maybe a 1.5 on a good day. I really did intend to upgrade, but other books caught my attention and before you know it 20 years goes by and they are going for hundreds in low grade and close to a grand in mid/higher grade…..crazy. I paid $20 for my #15 and I think $17 for the annual. Ah, those were the days when you could buy a key comic and not worry about paying your mortgage.

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