Speculation Corner: Happy Chinese New Year!

Greetings friends to a special edition of Speculation Corner. Today we are celebrating and preparing for the Chinese New Year. This holiday is traditionally a time to honor household and heavenly deities as well as ancestors. It is also a time to bring family together for feasting. What this really means is that our parents make us clean and then we take them out to eat.

So here are the latest rumors, speculation and some recap from around the web.

Sources at Disney+ confirm that Kenobi is in turmoil. The show is going back for script rewrites and there are rumors that this might turn into a film instead of a Disney+ show.

Doctor Strange 2 appears to be casting Brother Voodoo. Other rumors include Nox, Eye-killers , America Chavez and still others to be announced. The rumor mill is working overtime on this movie.

Rosario Dawson is set to play the lead role in DMZ the HBO Max pilot directed by Ava DuVernay.

Falcon and Winter Soldier could be setting up for Thunderbolts for an MCU App. First pictures of Johnny Walker as U.S. Agent.

Casting for Hulkling possibly for WandaVision show on Disney+, Possible first app of S.W.O.R.D.

The Titans series casting Roy Harper, Oracle and Lex for season 3

Moon Knight Casting Parts for upcoming show. Speculation on who could be the Female Lead and the Female villains still being pondered.

Ms Marvel series on Disney+ is casting the Lead, the Family and a villain.

Blue Beetle show in development for HBO Max.

The character Shinning Knight is rumored to be in Suicide Squad movie.

Black Adam will have Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Isis, Dr. Fate, Stargirl and the JSA

So many interesting developments over the year, Its hard to keep track of. But we have you covered as always!  So Here is to a prosperous New Year! Best of luck and Happy Hunting.

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