Kamala Khan to be in "Captain Marvel" film

MCU President Kevin Feige told BBC that a film of Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) was in the studio development. He left it pretty vague to any details. Here is what I have learned since then. Continue reading “Kamala Khan to be in "Captain Marvel" film”

Collecting Carol Danvers Pt. 2

Last summer, I wrote a Carol Danvers keys check list. I have continued to monitor many of these books and it seems after April 15, 2018. a majority of the Carol Danvers Captain Marvel books have seemed to spiked. We all knew it was going to happen. This is a quick follow up to what has happened since then.  Continue reading “Collecting Carol Danvers Pt. 2”

Captain Marvel #17 Cameo New Ms. Marvel

While Carol Danvers has been sporting the moniker Captain Marvel, it has left her previous name Ms. Marvel in the cold. Marvel recently released info that a new Ms. Marvel series would be coming. The character filling the name has caused a bit of a stir. Continue reading “Captain Marvel #17 Cameo New Ms. Marvel”