Advance Reviews F.O.C. for 1/27/20

Welcome back to Advance Reviews. Here are this weeks reads on F.O.C. 1/27/20

Godkillers #1 (Cover A - Haun)Godkillers #1 – Aftershock Comics

This was a good read. I thoroughly enjoyed the dialog and the suspense.

I do think it dragged on a little, but that could be the writers way of telling the story, a slow story buildup nonetheless. This is a definite pick up for me.

Dceased: Unkillables #1 – DC

This starts off strong with Deathstroke, then ends with a whimper on Batgirl and Robin (Jason Todd).

We meet the villain Survivors but that’s it in this first issue.

2020 Machine Man #1 (of 2)2020 Machine Man #1 – Marvel

First appearance Machine Man 2020 (X-52 Model).

The A.I. are rising and attacking but Aaron could care less. He is in pursuit of his love.

The writers do a good job of making Aaron (X-51) seem like he is a stalker with mental problems.

Atlantis Attacks #2Marvel

The drama continues from the first issue. Meet the second team of Agents of Atlas.

The plot thickens, someone betrays the team and its up to Amadeus Cho to find out who did it. But can he survive a fight with Namor?

Captain Marvel #15Captain Marvel #15 – Marvel

Everyone is assembled and Stark has a plan. Supreme Vox wants the DNA and begins a collection.

All who’s left is Captain Marvel.

Conan the Barbarian #13 – Marvel

As always, Conan gets himself mixed up in something he doesn’t want to be apart of. Trials of strength and a maze full of traps. As a Conan fan you will enjoy this issue.

Guardians of the Galaxy #2Guardians of the Galaxy #2 – Marvel

Continuing off from issue #1, the team is fighting the Old New Gods.

Quill gets captured and the Black Hole Bomb along with him.

Is Quill able to make the ultimate sacrifice? Hercules is freed in the process.

Marvels Black Widow Prelude #2 – Marvel

A recap of her history in the movies? The end leaves off before the infinity wars.

Revenge of Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 (of 5)Revenge of Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 – Marvel

We see the deal made to become Ghost Rider.

Then some action fighting that is then followed by the deal he makes to lose the Ghost Rider.

Can we call him Cosmic Frank now?

Valkyrie Jane Foster #8 – Marvel

A mysterious force attacks everything. The Avengers show up to help, Spider-man makes a few funny remarks. Thor and Jane go down to find the cause.

Plunge #1DC Comics

From Joe Hill comes this horror comic. It is very wordy and not a lot of action, much like the opening scene of a movie. With time I hope it gets better.

3 thoughts on “Advance Reviews F.O.C. for 1/27/20”

  1. Cates’ Vox Supreme looking for DNA sounds a lot like Knull, the supreme Symbiote guy, searching for DNA codexes. Is Cates just repeating the same story threads for Thor as he did with Venom et al?

    1. Unless I’m missing something in your comment, Vox Supreme is in the Captain Marvel run right now; not Thor. Cates isn’t writing Captain Marvel. I believe the first appearance of Vox is in Death of the Inhumans 1 which Cates wrote but other than that I don’t see the connection your referring to.

      1. Yes, you are correct. I totally have Thor and Captain Marvel mixed up.
        My point was that this CM story sounds a lot like Cates’ Absolute Carnage Story.
        A new ‘ruler’ type villain (Knull \ Vox Supreme) is in pursuit of certain DNA ( symbiote DNA codexes / DNA). Sounds like very parallel story threads to me. However, I’m not reading CM currently, so…🤷‍♂️

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