Finger Guns #1 – Advanced Sneak Preview

Finger Guns #1 is on FOC this Monday and CHU got a hold of an advanced preview copy. If you’re already bored with the Super Bowl or have nothing better to do during the half time show, enjoy this sneak peak preview.

It’s a pretty decent read. It definitely has that 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank and We Can Never Go Home type of feel to the story and artwork. So I can definitely see that certain crowd jump on board with this one.

Finger Guns #1 (Cover A - Flip Cover)

Cover A

Finger Guns #1 Cover B

Cover B

Finger Guns #1 (Cover C Wrap Variant)

Cover C

Enjoy the advanced sneak peek preview that starts now..

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2 thoughts on “Finger Guns #1 – Advanced Sneak Preview”

  1. Sorry, every time I hear/see this book being advertised I can’t help but be reminded of the Finger Bang boy band from South Park…

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