Impure #1 from Scout Comics – Sneak Peek Preview

Already sold out at Midtown, TFAW and some of the other major online retailers with a quick check, I got a chance to read Impure #1 from Scout Comics. As it wasn’t on my list of to read books, I was quite pleasantly surprised that I liked it as much as I did. It certainly has potential despite me not being too keen on it’s regular cover art. Maybe it’s the face that seems off.

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By The Horns #1 – Sneak Peek Preview

This new Scout Comics title got my attention because well, not every day you read about a story where the main character is a unicorn slayer…

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Stray Dogs #1 – Sneak Peek Preview

Stray Dogs #1 hits stands this week and it tells the story of horror from the point of view of the dogs. It’s a slow start but it gets good by the end, leaving me waiting for the next issue.

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Crossover #4 – Sneak Peek Preview + Spoiler

Crossover #4 is out this Wednesday and as I’ve been enjoying this title so far, I don’t express as much excitement as Cates has for his work but it’s still been fun.

I think this issue is still leading us down the fun corridor for this title so I’m still in it as I’m still curious as to who shows up in that big issue #6 Cates mentioned on social media.

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Crossover #2 – Sneak Peek Preview

Donny Cates promises something huge in issues #3 (there is a McFarlane variant so some are speculating Spawn shows up) and issue #6. If you’re on the Crossover bandwagon since the debut of the first issue, you’ll certainly be ready to pick up Crossover #2.

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Home Sick Pilots #1 – Sneak Peek Preview

The team behind LIMBO, DAN WATTERS (Lucifer, COFFIN BOUND) and CASPAR WIJNGAARD (Star Wars, Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt), launch a brand-new ONGOING SERIES.

In the summer of 1994, a haunted house walks across California. Inside is Ami, lead singer of a high school punk band – who’s been missing for weeks. How did she get there, and what do these ghosts want? Expect three-chord songs and big bloody action that’s Power Rangers meets The Shining (yes, really).

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Sneak Peek Preview – Crossover #1 from Cates and Shaw

The creative powerhouses behind the bestselling, critically acclaimed GOD COUNTRY, Thanos Wins, and REDNECK returns for the biggest launch of the year. Imagine everything you thought was fantasy…was real. And now join us, in a world where reality is dead…and anything is possible…

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Sneak Peek Preview – Department of Truth #1

I really enjoy reading about conspiracy theories. They’re fun and entertaining. Tynion taps into that department with this new title from Image Comics.

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It Eats What Feeds It #2 – Sneak Peek Preview

This was a great read. It’s only a 3 issue mini-series but damn worth the pickup along the bonus that the first issue was doing well on the aftermarket.

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Yasmeen #2 – Sneak Peek Preview

This is a great new series coming out of Scout Comics. Issue #1 was a great read and I’ve been looking forward to this next issue.

It also doesn’t hurt that the first issue was seeing some love on the secondary market. The most recent sold went for $20 with the one prior to that for $35. Was a cover price up until those two and now all the listings, which is just a handful are asking $29 or higher.

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Atlantis Wasn’t Built for Tourists #1 – Sneak Peek Preview

Lovecraft meets Sergio Leone in a modern tale of corruption, family legacies, and nightmarish dread. Lucas Lewis drifts into Atlantis County, Oregon wanting nothing more than a hot meal and a soft bed for the night. What he finds instead is a small town in thrall to eldritch creatures lurking in the surrounding wilderness, possibly guided by an even more sinister force. Lucas becomes determined to eradicate all Atlantis’s demons, but these monsters are not what they seem. Unfortunately for the monsters, neither is Lucas.

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Lost Soliders #1 – Sneak Peek Preview

This is a new number one coming out from Image Comics with Ales Kot writing about the Vietnam War. As a war story junkie, it’s on the check out list as I have yet to read the full issue, from the preview pages I’ve gathered here for you it’s promising.

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Pulp – Sneak Peek Preview of Brubaker and Phillips New Hardcover GN

Brubaker and Phillips are a dream team when it comes to storytelling. Brubaker is the master narrative writer while Phillips gritty dark and heavy outline approach does what he does best from pane to pane.

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Chu #1 – Sneak Peek Preview

Yes, it’s Chu, the acronym for this site and yes, coincidentally the guy who runs this site is named Tony. But here’s your sneak peek preview I promised of the next chapter spun directly out of the beloved Chew from the mind of John Layman.

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Loggerhead Bloody Bayou #1 – Advance Sneak Peek Preview

Loggerhead Bloody Bayou #1 hits store shelves in a few weeks and it’s quite the fun and entertaining read.

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