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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 275th edition of the open forum!

Did you see Birds of Prey is getting a new name as it is tanking at the box office? Have you seen it and what did you think?

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As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

141 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

    1. I thought Punchline might have had some surprise value, but it doesn’t seem possible when DC announcing that’s her first appearance so they can try to up orders. It seems unnatural.

    1. When DC did the pump. DC’s job as a publisher is to get the info out to retailers so retailers can order. People other than retailer report news and say “hey, here is what DC is saying.” The market reacts accordingly

      1. And publishers are the only ones who are allowed to “pump” their own products, how they see fit. Their goal is to sell a product, to a distributor at wholesale retail prices. Nobody can ever claim DC is doing a no-no when it comes to their marketing tactics cause these aren’t collectibles to them, it’s a product and their whole business model is to sell as many as they can.

        If the publisher “ruins” the potential value on the aftermarket, that’s on us as people who make them more than what their intended use is, to be read or collected. You can collect things that have zero value as well.. DC has done nothing wrong to promote their product if you ask me. Anyone who complains is just being a turd blossom.. 😉

        1. I don’t think anyone is saying they are ruining the aftermarket value. I think people are complaining they are driving it up causing people to wipe out stock and causing a potential fake demand.

          1. So, they still win. They marketed their product to make more people want it. It’s still valid, people can’t complain they’re trying to “boost” their sales. Fake demand or not, they just want to sell and move product. They don’t care to who.. that’s on us as consumers to accept or reject their marketing tactics. 😉

            1. I get that. Capitalism wins. Batman sales slumped during the Tom King run. I get it. Character announcements are nothing new. Its been going on in comics forever. Was she created just to boost sales or was she a genuine part of the creative process? In this day and age does it really matter? I really don’t think anyone cares. Of course the casual fans and the sharks will be out next Wednesday and some shops will inflate the prices on both covers. I am on the fence about it. I honestly am not sure if I care. When Alfred died I sat it out and those books fell back down and this one will eventually. The pre-sales on Ebay are insane. I can’t remember the last time I really enjoyed a Batman story or cared about one in the last four years.

              A lot of new characters get more love in cosplay than they do in comics. I think the Batman Who Laughs is overrated. In my opinion he serves no purpose other than selling comics. There is nothing compelling about him and his 1st appearance fetches 100 dollars or more. I thought Red Death and the Dawnbreaker were better characters than BWL. Maybe I am just getting old.

                1. I find myself looking for old Batman stories now especially the stuff I grew up on. Same thing with Marvel. I stopped reading Green Lantern when Geoff left the book. Wonder Woman had a great run in the early 2000s and I haven’t read it since. I tend to like All Star Superman or Red Son when it comes to Superman. Mark Waid’s Superman series is my favorite. I enjoyed Doomsday Clock alot.

              1. Your getting old and so am I.

                I would love to just see great stories being told first and then the organic demand come due to great story telling, characters that click in the story, etc.

                The sad part now is publishers have switched the focus to selling a story with awesome artwork to selling a product with a bunch of variant covers to boost print runs that have some words in it.. some call it a story, some aren’t so much of a story.

                I haven’t enjoyed Batman since Snyder’s take on it in the first few arcs.. and even then after the 30th issue or so it started getting a little meh..

                1. Yeah man old. You are right about Snyder’s run. I loved it in the beginning then it came off the rails. His writing has been terrible the last couple of years in my opinion.

                2. Well, it does seem like he starts off many titles to pass off to Tynion or someone else. Make sure you check who’s writing, I’ve gone into books thinking it’s still him only to be like.. “What the eff.. ” and then notice it’s a new writer. 🙂

        2. Respectfully, I completely disagree.
          this is a precedent setting solicitation process.
          I’ve never seen anything like it in my 30+ years.
          The Bleeding cool article was an abortion of the facts. They made it seem like Tynion was tipping retailers in his newsletter, he was in fact teasing them.

          #1-late January before order were due , James Tynnions social media and newsletter “teased” which issues “might” have the 1st appearance of Punchline. He offered three choices.

          #2- Retailers placed their final orders on 01-27

          #3- 02-07 DC issued a press release using the term “one page cameo” and first full appearance which tells me somebody is looking to attract collectors. They know what they’re doing. Trying to create a stir. When was the last time you heard a publisher tell you to get a book because it contained a cameo?

          #4- 02-11 DC announces second printings.

          It’s a shitty way to solicit comics, it puts all the blame on retailers that won’t be able to fill demand.

          Expect lines early the next two weeks.

  1. They did the same thing with the Batman Who Laughs. Announced his First appearance in Teen Titans and then Dark Knights Metal. That has held it’s value. Not saying this will, but prob wouldnt be a bad idea to get at least one for the PC.

  2. Yeah …. I get the DC angle. Navigating the waters is our task. I have been collecting since the 1970’s and can definitely say buyer habits are fickle sometimes.

  3. Here we go. Comic Mint advertising preorders for Hell Arisen 3 at $14.95. 9.8 for $74. They are also claiming first appearance.

        1. Call them out.. I don’t support shops that price gouge. If they want to play the secondary market game, they can close their Diamond account and stand in line with the rest of us on the secondary market. 😉

          1. Here we go again…it’s Captain Marvel 8 all over again.

            Everyone who wants this book, star a pull list with your LCS TODAY!!! And request cover A and/or B.

            If you don’t like the shop’s tactics of upping prices on he day or week of release, then shop somewhere else, call them out, whatever you need to do to feel good about it and inform those that may be interested. It’s within your rights. Be civil about it.

            But don’t blame them when your intent was to flip it anyway as soon as you bought it. That’s hypocrisy. 😉

            1. I’m not even talking about flipping when I say I’m disgusted with shops who sell new books on release day what flippers are selling for on secondary. I’m trying to defend those who just want to pick up a copy to own, everyone is entitled to go into their first line of retail expecting retail prices. Not everyone is there to flip (so when shop owners raise their prices to punish those who are flipping, then they’re punishing far more in my opinion). Flippers are a very small % I’d imagine out of the people who buy to read and collect. If shops want to discourage flippers from clearly their shelves, invoke the 1 per customer rule.. it’s a very simple solution. Those that raise their prices to claim they’re deterring flippers, that’s just a lame excuse in my opinion and we all know the real reason they raised their prices on release day… That’s all I’m gonna say about it.

              1. I fill all pull lists for regular price than pull all the rest off the shelf and will either sell online or put on the shelf a week later for whatever the going rate is. My regulars get their order and flippers can suck it. My thoughts are if flippers dont like it they can spend their money and time opening their own store and then I will be more than happy to go there and buy stuff for cover and flip. I have a store to make money. I dont have a store so some random flipper can make money.

                1. I find it ironic that you tell flippers to suck it while reading a speculation site where a majority of the readers are speculators.. Maybe we should keep the info free for speculators and charge you retailers for the speculation information we provide? 😛

                2. So if someone comes into your shop that does not subscribe to a book but is interested in getting a copy (not a flipper) they can’t because you pulled to hold two weeks to flip on eBay? Sounds like excellent customer service out there.

                3. Come to think of it.. if a retailer or diamond account holder who reads spec sites, sells/lists books they got at wholesale prices at the secondary going price on release day, does that make them a speculator/flipper as well? I’d have to say yes, they’re not only a flipper but also someone taking advantage at getting the books at an even lower rate than the retail price.

                  So, if a retailer tells those who come in to buy a product to turn around and sell they can suck it, aren’t they essentially telling themselves to suck it as well?

                  Maybe I’m in the minority here but if I was selling products, once the item leaves my store, I could care less what that person does with it. They can sell it, wipe their butt on it, who cares.. doesn’t matter as long as I got my piece of the pie while making a customer satisfied to come back for more.

  4. Yeah would be nice if the realized on their own. It seems no matter the news/fomo that drops, in the end, the consumer always get boned.

    1. I would also argue that a good percentage of comic store owners were persuaded to start for this very reason. They wanted to be the ones getting the comics first and knowing all the info. They were tired of getting screwed over. A viscous cycle to no end. Also I’m sure their are many decent owners as well.

      1. Oh for sure. The good owners definitely out number the so called bad owners.. Uncle Willie is a shop owner that I would mimic my tactics from if I were to run my own comic shop.

  5. This site is the only one I’m aware of that attempts to level the playing field without becoming part of the problem. So for that I start the slow clap. 👍

  6. For all the first appearance chasers, my LCS is advertising this week’s Immortal Hulk (#31) as the first appearance of…wait for it…Glowboy…a source for mutant DNA. He apparently is indebted to the Kingpin who “own(s) his blood…a fresh sample every four days”.

        1. Here’s a term that perhaps could shed some light on these ‘1st fights’…MVA…Most Valuable Appearance… Wolverines first appearance is in IH180. Wolverines MVA is IH181…😂🤷‍♂️🤔🙃

  7. Two weeks in a row my LCS up charged a book from cover to $9.99. last week Aggretsuko, this week Venom 23 Skottie Young variant. Not sure where i fall on this. It’s like kudos for doing your research….. But making an extra $6 on each of the 5 copies you have…. Is that worth irritating loyal customers?

    1. I know shops that will sell for cover if you have a pull list with them already (even if the book is not on your pull list). That’s rewarding loyal customers. Loyal customers are defined as those which have pull lists, IMO. But I’m sure we’ll debate that too. 😁

      Civil debates are welcome here!

      1. Oh I know about the pull lists. Not everyone wants a book pulled or subscribed though. I know collectors who just seek out first appearances. Shops who raise the prices to secondary on release day who claim they do it to deter those who are flipping are just punishing everyone for their own gain. Want to curb flippers who are only there to buy and turn around and sell as soon as they leave, limit the books. Catch them trying to circumvent your rules, then ban them from the store. But raising the prices to me is a no no. Fulfill the pull and subscribers first, set a out a few for the stragglers. Yank a copy or two to save and sell later at the premium. There are just way more options as a shop owner to keep customers happy and coming back for more. Raise the prices the day of, well, my opinion just tells me you’re just a dick! 😉

        1. I’m not arguing there aren’t many, if not better ways to handle it…just saying if someone is mad at a shop for raising the price because it takes away that buyers quick flip profits, then that buyer is being hypocritical.

          Don’t be THAT guy/gal.

          99% of the time I run into a book that’s been marked up I was going to flip it anyway for my own personal gain…and therefore I can’t be too upset about it.

          1. Oh, I’m not mad myself, more disgusted by the tactic. I just tell people to call them out so others don’t waste their time shopping there for that book.

            I’ll just say this, if I walk into a shop that jacks up their prices.. I still sleep like a baby that night. I got more important things to worry about than missing out on my own flip sale.

            I don’t shop at Austin Books most of the time cause they’ll yank hot books and lie they didn’t get them.. Last I was there they were still trying to unload their Image Comics 25th Anniversary Blind Box for like $400… the peak secondary price. I hope it sits up on their shelf until the place goes out of business.. 😉

      2. The shop I go to holds the big books for the loyal customers as well. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I monitor the prices on ebay for upcoming books with the help of a program I made, so I can usually get orders in before Bleeding Cool can make an article.

        1. Bleeding Cool is always late to the game. I use a program too, it’s called “Watch Item”. Ebay evens provides it….for free…..LMAO !!

          1. It takes me a few seconds and I can see every new book’s recent sold prices for the week on my phone. It takes way too much time to manually search and “Watch” books.

  8. Did anyone else notice there’s the word “Yeah” that’s above the Wednesday forum boarder? Must be a mistake.

    Shouldn’t it be “OH YEAH!!!”?

      1. I was petitioning for the Oh Yeah and maybe a kool-aid man to appear….busting out of the banner, preferably.

        But yes, i must be looking at my screen for too long and seeing things.

  9. Yeah I have to agree. Total douche maneuver. I have no intention of quick flipping a copy. I just want one to own. Will I sell it later, maybe. They should all at least have the decency to offer a portion of their stock at cover.

    1. My shop has an electronic pull list. I added the book to it earlier this week.

      Saves me the trouble of calling them up or begging them to hold a copy for me. It’s basically there now. Only question is which cover. She’s not on the cover so it doesn’t matter in this case.

  10. The goal of a Comic Shop should be to sell out if at all possible .. that means knowing, fairly accurately, how many of a book to buy, Pull and Holds as well as regular customers .. with the cover price, these days, hitting $3.99 and up, it does not take all that long to get upside down on orders if shops play the Spec .. it can lead to a Death Sentence, as it did for many in the 1990’s ..

    Any and all ploys by Publishers are designed to sell more copies .. period .. the reward for multi-Variants is the sale of more copies, many going to completists and speculators, for, essentially, the same book with a different cover .. print 50,000 copies of a book, put a regular cover on 40,000 and divide up the rest with alternate covers / incentives .. it’s just a matter of what you staple to the interior book .. the bulk of the printing cost is within the book itself, not the covers ..

    Some shops always buy into the Spec markup .. whether it be for the need for Cash Flow, outright greed, price gouging, knowing that some Customers will re-sell at a profit so why should the Shop not do the same, etc ..

    I don’t have a Crystal Ball, no one does .. if I had a Crystal Ball in this business, I’d be laying on a Beach sipping a Pina Colada, since, over the many years, I’ve sold so many books that in todays World are nearly worth their weight in gold ..

    The Spec Hobby is for you young Turks, those that can move fast and stay on top of things .. me, I’m happy with a Miller and a Netflix binge periodically .. 😉 ..

    My Joy comes from the people .. Customers thru the years, kids of Customers that grew up collecting the material, Creators in this business that I’ve been fortunate to know and, in the last few years, following along with the fine Gang of folks that populate CHU .. I gave up trying to be Bill Gates a long time ago ..

    My longevity in this Business can be attributed to stubbornness, frugality through the good times that helped pad me over the bad times, the love of the genre, and watching too many people I’ve known retire and keel over a few years later .. I like having purpose, I’m still, at 75, in relatively good health, and I have no urge to lounge around ..

    My wish is that people continue to embrace this Hobby .. the nerd was always around us, it’s just in the last couple decades that the nerd has become popular .. and, we can thank the Comic Publishers for that ..

    1. “I gave up trying to be Bill Gates a long time ago .. ”

      Ain’t that the truth. I already have a grand plan when the kids go off to college. It involves making way less money, living on a whole lot less and having way less material possessions. It also involves hopefully having a really nice view from whatever lawn chair I’ll be sipping my coffee from or a cold beer on the warmer days!

      1. My kids are both in their late 40’s ..

        My best advice to anyone is, get that Mortgage paid off, get out of debt if at all possible, simplify things and enjoy whatever your passion is, up to and including what your favorite form of relaxant might be ..

        George Carlin once said, and, I’m paraphrasing here, “I used to toke up all day long .. I’d really go through some weed .. now, a couple hits will do me ..”

        That and a cold Miller sums it up for me as well .. 😉

        1. I have almost zero debt, if I stay at current pace, house will be paid off 7 years.. I’m sitting pretty I think.. my passion once kids leave the nest is to visit as many national parks that I can in my RV and stare at the scenery and hike at least 80% of the time.. My other goal is I want to hike the Pacific Crest Trail…

          1. Count me in! Let me know when you’re ready to go.

            I’d like to do the Appalachian….but so far I’ve only climbed Mt. Washington and Katadin. May have to be in pieces….

            1. I’ve heard the Appalachian is much harder cause they don’t have as many markers and such for it. I’ve been on parts of it but those were just day hiking. It’s still beautiful country though, I’m from the area.. I’ve got hillbilly in my veins..

    2. Willy, the comic shop owner voice of reason. I knew you’d swoop in and save the day.

      Can’t argue with any of your points. Well said.


      1. I can’t swoop anymore .. it’s more like a slow glide .. 😉

        The truth is, I can’t really slam Shop Owners that do the instant markup dance .. although it does go against my own philosophy .. I say this because, like many, I have folks that come in looking for the hot book of the week, week in and week out .. many are strangers to me .. I can understand why a Shop would be tempted to capitalize, especially with Customers that are not regulars ..

        I’ll also admit that I have a group of regular customers / Pull and Holds, that dabble in the spec scene .. so, if something hits that has some heat right out of the gate, I’ll stash copies for those folks .. it’s just good business, they will usually buy the book(s) and they will get them at cover price .. I’m making a sale / they are happy ..

        This comes down to knowing what you’re doing ..

        Let’s face it .. todays Hot Potato is old news when the next Hot Potato comes around .. and, the Potatoes move up and then move down .. the hype comes, the hype goes ..

        Rules to run a Small Business, don’t, however, change .. treat your Customers right, be fair in your dealings and offer what they want at a fair price ..

  11. Can I just say…”F” new books for spec? I mean, people bought comics in golden, silver, and early copper ages to read them! The “spec boom” in the 90’s opened the door for garbage comics and we’re still suffering the consequences! Writers and artists should be able to create and solicit products as they see fit, but trying to blame any component other than the consumer for “value” is ridiculous. Publishers/distributors have set the “value” at the price a retailer pays…end of story. Retailers have the right to sell a product at any price they see fit. Tell the new car dealer that Ford or Chevy has set an MSRP at $xxx so you want that price. Or tell the used car dealer (secondary market) that kelley blue book is $xxx so you want that price. The people bitching on this site are those that are seeking the flip. They’re confused about how to utilize the information being provided **FOR FREE** by Poyo and Anthony (and others)! You buttholes that are complaining about what an lcs is doing with the latest issue of #!@%$ are the problem. You don’t have to buy it there. Guess what, you can read the previews for free at for comics, tpb, toys, etc. being released 2 months ahead! Ask yourself this; what’s your overhead cost to flip a comic? Now go and thank your lcs for existing or open your own store!

    1. My thing for modern spec is that each book is essentially a fad. And most people didn’t bag, board and hoard the way we started in the late 80s/early 90s. Everyone and their mother is gonna have nice, crisp copies of any book that’s come out in the last 10-20-30 years. It’s all paper. Buy what you like and what you can flip and if you miss out on something, surely there will be a new hot $20 book the next week to chase.

        1. Maybe, maybe not. Still available at Diamond for shops to pre-order. I think this full appearance is gonna be pretty easy to obtain. This might be one of those instances where the cameo ends up being the winner book.

          1. Unless she’s on the cover, First cameo beats first full.

            1st App beats 1st Full (no cover)

            1st Full w/cover beats 1st Cameo (no cover)

            Later Print w/1st cover beats 1st Print (no cover)

            This formula works 95% of the time…maybe more.

              1. I provide them before. Of course I’m swagging it a bit, but if you want examples I’ll go dig it back up. May have been a forums post.

                1. I knew you would cave. But I will back up my claims!

                  I’m putting together a database now….you called down the thunder….!!!

    1. I doubt they are changing the cover art. Typically dc just changes the colors a little for reprints.

      If they put punchline on the cover I’ll reconsider.

  12. Comic book stores, and nearly all printed media related industries, are on the edge of the abyss. If they need to be a little sketchy in order to pay the people and keep the lights on, then I will try to understand.

    1. Comic book sales of floppies were up by 5% year over year, this year. Not bad, given the current state of print media. There are also new comic publishers starting up every year.

      1. Everyone seemed to be complaining about LCS’s…
        Rich comic book store owners aren’t really a thing, where I live, anyways.
        Everything, in life, is a little give and take. If they treat me decently, and seem like their heart is in it, then I am down to purchase some books.

  13. Regular covers my shop is cover price 95% of the time, once in a great while charges a $1 extra on a hot book (not on your pull list). Today for example he upcharged Flash 88 a $1. Never more then a dollar.
    Ratio variants he does research before pricing so those tend to be $8-10 on 1:10 and $15-20 on 1:25s. Once in a great while $15-25 on a hot 1 per store. Doesn’t check prices after open though. So for example snagged the Kylo Ren #1 action figures cover for cover price a week after that book got hot. Outside of some smaller indies, always has every book I want each Wednesday and I tend to do 10-15 books a week with only a couple being pull list. So I can’t complain on the occasional $1 markup.

    Today though he had $12 on the Scottie Young. Which was really rare for him as non ratio variants are always cover or $1 over on the hot ones. The Brooks X-men 6 from today for example was cover.

      1. Probably not, that’s not that terrible. If it was the only shop available in reasonable distance factors in as well. If there was other shops I visit or planned to that had at cover, I’d probably pass in that scenario.

  14. if anyone thinks it is easy go ahead open your own shop. I always order extra copies.leave a few on the shelf at cover and have copies spifically for online&conventions at the marked up price having a shop is not insurance promoting the shop all that stuff plus taying on top of trends .to all the flipers&part timers out there go ahead open your own shop that is what I ahjve topsay.wish I could say more and say it the way I want to say it but then poyo will kill me .love you all blind adam out

    1. Honestly, I think that’s the lamest excuse when a retailer tells others to open their own shop. You know, anyone who spends $400 a month on comics could just open a Diamond account to buy directly.

      Could you imagine if Diamond used that same line though? “We’re tired of retailers making profit off of us.. open your own damn distribution company, we’re gonna start selling comics at secondary prices cause we have to pay rent and all our employees want insurance.. !!”

      Where would it end? The publishers start telling Diamond, “you know, we don’t like ya’ll making higher profits from our books, we’re gonna start listing them directly on the secondary market for $20.. if you don’t like it, start your own publishing company!”

      If you’re comic book shop depends on playing the secondary mark up on release day, then you probably need to rethink your business plans and goals. That line of thinking goes back to when small businesses said taking away tax cuts would put them out of business. You know, if you’re business relies on tax cuts, then your product likely sucks and you shouldn’t be in business anyways. 😉

    2. That is a great idea. I actually spend over $400 a month on comics already. My lcs considers me an excellent customer and caters to me with bigger discounts and hook ups. But at $400 a month I qualify for a diamond account at my current spending level. With the discount diamond gives I can open my own online site, list comic books and order more comics at the same amount I already spend cutting out the lcs. In fact, since I don’t have to pay rent and such, I can go ahead an offer bigger discounts than brick and mortar stores. Sounds like everyone who buys from lcs’ should go ahead and do the same. Why spend money in the local shop when you can order direct from diamond at a bigger discount…..

      See the logic fallacy in telling others to open their own shops?

      1. I use to spend over $400 a month. Now I mostly just speculate and tell others what to buy. Sadly, I’ve given away more books in the past year than I’ve sold on the secondary market. Maybe I should tell speculators to suck it, no more giveaways! Just a bunch of free loading moochers looking for handouts.. I kid, I kid. Hey, let’s do another giveaway! I’ll say it’s sponsored by all the shops who jack up their prices cause they dislike what paying customers do with the products they bought from them once it leaves their shops.. 😉

  15. I honestly can’t see why anyone would open an actual physical shop nowadays. Seems to me that opening a purely online store is the best choice. You can take all the money you waste on rent and utilities and put it toward things that can increase revenue.

    1. I know it varies by location but here in Austin, just about every retailer that has a physical store doesn’t just sell comics anymore either. All are board game shops, they sell toys and other things besides comics. They also have sitting areas to reserve tables and probably make most of their profits serving snacks and drinks (higher profit margins for sure). I can’t see a shop only selling new comics as surviving for too long in today’s comic industry. Even entering the online market, you got a lot of competition right from the get go. You gotta make your online shop stand out and unique to really take off.

      The shops with established back issues I can see as niche shops and out of all the shops now in Austin, only 1 has back issues that go beyond 6 months and they still also run a board game store with sitting area, an art gallery and toy shop, etc.

      1. It’s been a rarity as far back as I can remember that any Comic Shop carried just comics .. I stocked D&D starting in the 1970’s, always carried Posters, T-Shirts, expanded Gaming as more began to develop, Comic / TV Related Toys such as Mego, etc ..

        I don’t know what the minimum threshold for monthly orders from Diamond is these days, but I do know that whatever the minimum is, you must consistently do it month in and month out .. I do know that the discount for low tier ordering is only 35% in most cases .. and, you have to factor in what UPS is going to cost you as well, which could be around $10-15 a week just for small orders ..

        You’ll also have to provide a business / sales tax license and in most States a resale certificate .. and that then puts you on your States radar as they will be expecting you to file a yearly sales tax form and send them quarterly sales tax .. also, if you can’t prove you have a Brick & Mortar, you must have a Website with a cart and accept Credit Cards ..

        If you want to “get in on all the fun Discount action” .. by all means, the more the merrier .. it’s :: or call (443) 318-8308 ..

        1. Setting up most of the requirements can be done in an afternoon. I can literally have a website up and running very quickly.

          But yeah, do I want to run a shop? Not really. I get tired packing up several sold books at times. I also have a full time job that pays me pretty good, pretty sure I make more than most comic shop owners. Maybe when I’m older and don’t have the day job, run a shop to pass the time away but honestly, I’ve already shared my plans for my old age, staring at mountains and stuff.. 🙂

    2. “I honestly can’t see why anyone would open an actual physical shop nowadays. Seems to me that opening a purely online store is the best choice. You can take all the money you waste on rent and utilities and put it toward things that can increase revenue.”

      Those are all tax deductible expenses ..

      1. A friend and I looked into opening a Diamond acct, about two years ago. Diamond did an extreme credit check, and, as Willie said, they required a bunch of business related functions up and running.

        On another note, one of the online shops I know of, recently went from strictly online sales to opening his own B&M location. O shop exclusively at B&M stores. Online is a hassle and I hate waiting for shipping, especially with today’s tight flipping windows.

  16. Retail isn’t a easy business. To survive, comic shops may have to ration hot comics. Better if they inform customers in advance. But understandable that customers may be frustrated in not being able to buy what they seek.

  17. I know I shouldnt Chime in, but i kinda have to. Opening a Diamond account isnt that hard. All i needed to do was show them I have a website, show them a business license and a resale certificate. The end. Unfortunately Ebay dosnt count as a website as its a third party vendor. SO your looking at spending 30$ a month for a few months. In my area a Business Lisc was only $50 from the town. Register with the state for the resale cert. I spent maybe 1/2 a day “opening” the website for the Diamond account.
    After your account is open, you are free to close the website as they do not check again. Everyone has their own reason for starting or owning a Comic shop. For me It was the shops in my area and the extremely bad experiences I had at them. I started because i wanted comics on my terms. So yes. Im a flipper. I have my own Diamond account. SO to all the people who use that argument all I have to say to you is : ok, what else ya got?

  18. I keep seeing the # of comments has increased on this thread, but there are so many different side threads I don’t know where the new comments are….I scroll to the bottom and that’s not it…

      1. I appreciate all the great perspectives. I am sitting out Punchline and after seeing the DC solicitations for May, I may go cold on DC with the exception of the Flash. Geoff John’s needs to come back. They need to take Batman away from Scott Snyder. I don’t need another Metal story. The last one ended poorly and it was a whole damn mess. I’m down to three titles and the occasional variant. I sold a lot of stuff I use to care about.

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