Totoro Fans – Bitter Root #6 Homage Variant Available Now

I meant to do this earlier as these just went on sale this past Wednesday but a few weeks back I mentioned the awesome Bitter Root #6 Totoro Variant.

Well, you can nab a copy now as they have them listed on eBay through Power Comics eBay Store.

Not a bad price either at $9.99 for a pretty awesome looking homage variant. This Bitter Root series recently was optioned and has been a great read.



7 thoughts on “Totoro Fans – Bitter Root #6 Homage Variant Available Now”

    1. Has it been that long? Damn, it has. It was last March it was announced. Regardless, #1 is still an easy $15 to $20 book. I sold 3 copies two days ago for $15 each. 🙂

      1. I still have a set of covers A & C sitting for $30….been that way for….oh, 10 months. They’re NM+ or better too.

        I did sell a set of 1A, B and C for $24 a few months ago. Them were NM- though.

          1. I saw everyone listing and selling at $20 range.. so I listed mine for $15 for the quick sale. Call me undercutter or whatever, I don’t care, I just wanted them out of the way and I still made profit. 🙂

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