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Hey YO! CHU Fam! What’s going on?

Well, it has been a while. Actually a long while. I have been wanting to write a couple articles up on here, but alas my hectic schedule does not allow me to sit down in front of a computer as often as I wish I could. I have had to readjust some of my priorities in life and been reflecting on somethings that matter in my life. People, impermanence, lack of attachments. With all the things going on in the world, and having some ACTUAL spare time, I did want to write up a quick review on a book which I had a pleasurable time to read several weekends ago.

I have really been grasping POYO’s advice on reading more comics for fun and stop thinking so much of the money grab. While this comic I am about to write about will probably never hit big money making flipper status that a majority of you all come to this page to seek information on, this one is just for a good, chuckle and enjoy. (Thank you POYO)

In 2019, I spent over 43,000 minutes listening to a podcast known as “The Sasquatch Chronicles” on Spotify. Yeah, I wasted almost an entire months time listening to people’s encounters with this so called “Cryptid Creature” known as Bigfoot. I pretty much convinced all my friends who are also in to the paranormal radio, to also get hooked. I’m not here to the plug the podcast, but while listening in, an idea developed, one which will probably never come to existence, since I do have several dozen of other projects I am currently occupied with. Last summer, I was interviewed by ‘Tony Fett‘ for a Comic Book YouTube series  he has, and check it out if you can, but I was discussing my idea with him for a comic book regarding the paranormal and cryptids. Someone out there who saw the video reached out to me on instagram, and that is how I discovered “Cryptid Adventures,” which is a comic book (1st Ravenous issue too), that was recently released on SALE!

Chris Gallipoli, who wrote the book, came up with the idea because of his love for the TV show, “In Search Of” when he was a kid. He has a passion for all things conspiracy, and it shows in the comic, as he referenced a certain popular night time radio show host only by the name of “George” (Referring to George Noory, from Coast to Coast AM) ! He really wanted to find a way to bridge a gap between ‘believers’ and “non believers” and find a way to bring other cryptids in to the mainstream.

Gallipolli met Felipe Cerdan , who provides the art, while working in the theatrical Marketing doing key art for movies, and they both worked together at Oprah. Currently they work together now at CBS online handling Star Trek Social media Marketing. Anways, they are in talks about a certain house publishing the book, but of course, that info. is being kept under wraps. In the meantime, Comixology has the book for now, in digital format, but if you want an actual psychical copy, You can order the 1st issue though through the web site, but a Merch page is being set up, and possibly a Kickstarter may happen.

Gallipolli swore me to secrecy about some of his plans for this book. I’m actually excited to see this unveil over the route of time.

So what’s this book about?

It’s about this group of cryptids who are sent on various missions and defend Mother Earth from EVIL and Diabolical forces. The leader of the squad is the New Jersey Devil, who of coarse speaks like an Italian, with his YOUS, and smokes a cigar. Jersey gots his crew too, Bigfoot, Loch Ness, Mothman, and the Chupacabra, whom each got their own regional personalities, like Chupacabra who speaks or is addressed in Spanish only.  Reading it, I didn’t know what to expect, but it made me a believer in Gallipolli’s and the other creator project that is ahead of them. The first issue is just a simple cold open to introduce that characters and their essence, and we all know it will pick up, so… If you want to pick up a copy, head over to

You can also visit all the other social media pages it has.

or check out some tweets:

Before I part, I just want to say to you all reading this column.

DO SOMETHING GOOD TODAY or this week. Do Something for the ELDERLY, (I been picking spring weeds for some in my area) and if you have none that surround your lives, do something positive for a neighbor, not for recognition or financial gain, but JUST BECAUSE.

Type you all soon.



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  1. If you like The Sasquatch Chronicles, you gotta check out Dogman Encounters. The Confessionals podcast is also extremely entertaining also. Great Stuff !
    Matty K.

    1. Yeah Sasquatch Chronicles has a thing going on with Tim Renner of the Confessionals, and they go back and forth with pranks from time to time. Dark Waters is also great if you have ever heard him. They have all appeared on SC.

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